The Future of Acquisitions at Sony

Once again we’re talking about Mergers and Acquisitions in the video game space, and as in previous times we’re doing it from the point of Sony’s view as it’s the one I’m most knowledgable, and … Read more

PlayStation 2022 Predictions

Okay, here we go. Another prediction list, I usually get these very wrong. But this time I’m (checks calendar) 13 days late to the punch, and therefore I’ve had some solid time to think. In … Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Positive surprises in the gaming industry feel rare at this point. We’re so used to companies making mistakes, and products not ending up as we wanted them to. This is not the case here, as … Read more

Happy 25th Anniversary, Parappa!

Two days ago, one of my all-time favorite characters had his 25th anniversary. As usual, I totally missed out on that and decided to celebrate two days later. Back on the PlayStation 1, a couple … Read more