Both Klonoa and Ninja Gaiden are rumored to return.

Two long-dormant franchises are the Klonoa and Ninja Gaiden franchises, and both are rumored or speculated to return.

If you didn’t know Ninja Gaiden is a franchise created in 1988, where you play as the ninja, Ryu Hayabusa. There have been multiple entries in the franchise, however, it hasn’t released anything since Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z in 2014, a spin-off project.

Klonoa similarly is a classic franchise, originally released in 1997. It might not be as big as Ninja Gaiden, but it has a dedicated fanbase. The franchise hasn’t gotten anything new since 2008. Since then they’ve been working on ways to bring him back, beginning with the webcomic which sadly ended following the shutdown of company ShiftyLook. Afterward, they were going to do an animated movie, but in January 2019 the project got canceled.

However, seemingly out of nowhere, both franchises seem to be making their returns.

Regarding Ninja Gaiden, Reddit user kokokko416 found a listing from a Hong Kong-based distributor. The posting was for ”Ninja Gaiden Σ Trilogy” which would include Ninja Gaiden Σ, Ninja Gaiden Σ2, and Ninja Gaiden Razer Edge. According to the list, it’ll be released in March 2021.
It’s also worth stating that this is one of the biggest distributors in all of Hong Kong, and quickly after the listing was found they deleted it. (You can still find an archive here

At first glance, it’s simply a listing, similar to the Prince of Persia listing. However, I tend to believe this one since there have been some rumors of a return for the Ninja Gaiden franchise for a while. This would make even more sense if Ryu got a push from, say, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Time will tell, but I think this one might be real.

Regarding Klonoa, Namco seems to be anxious to bring the IP back. The first step was the movie, which as previously stated got canceled. However, in January Namco renewed the trademark for the franchise. Even further, in August they registered another trademark for Klonoa of the Wind Encore, for short, Klonoa Encore. The registration fee was paid as of September 3rd. (The source for this is the Klonoa-@-blog. A great source for Klonoa related stuff, check em out!)

This might result in nothing. But Namco usually does the same thing with their titles. File a trademark, pay the fee, and announce the project a while afterward. We don’t know what Klonoa Encore would entail, but most likely it’s going to be a collection or a remake.

Anyway, these are two very interesting rumors since they both came up at the same time, involves ”old” franchises that haven’t been used in a while. I’m hoping these are true as I’d love to play more from both of these, especially Klonoa who I liked a lot.

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