Devs, please don’t block us from playing music.

I’m currently playing through Death Stranding Director’s Cut for the first time, and wow am I enjoying the experience.

However, after finishing the story in roughly 30 hours, I proceeded to chip away at the platinum on a daily basis. 60 hours later of building zip lines, making deliveries all over the place, and maximizing connections all over the country I only had one problem with the game…

I can’t use Spotify on my PlayStation while playing this game…

Obviously, this is a minor gripe, I can reroute the music to my speakers and skip the PS5, or blast it from my phone. But I love having some of the background sounds while playing the game…

This isn’t the first time this has occurred to me as well, I’ve played other games that have a similar issue of blocking the music.
Now, why do they do it?

Well, it’s quite obvious… The devs want you to enjoy their craft, and in a way – who am I to tell them they’re wrong for wanting that. On the other hand, I can find way more enjoyment from listening to my own music while grinding in your game. I feel like this is a case in which choice is good.

Kojima created an amazing soundtrack. Both the OT made by Ludvig Forsell, as well as the soundtrack created by artists like Woodkid, Low Roar, and Alan Walker. And ironically, I often wanted to listen to that soundtrack through Spotify while playing the game, but I couldn’t.

So here’s my note to developers:

Please let us play music on Spotify. Especially during the endgame, or games that don’t have a story element to it… That’s all. Choice is sometimes good and actually benefits your game. I also want to say, that this doesn’t take away from the amazing work you’ve done on the sound design, nor the music of the game.

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