Playstation 5 Showcase Predictions and Dreams

Tomorrow it’s finally time for the long-awaited Playstation 5 Showcase, it’ll be a 40-minute showcase most likely focusing on the games, launch lineup, and of course the price and date.

For people expecting less news at this show, Sony announced 9 first-party titles in 25 minutes in their Future of Gaming presentation. This means they’d be able to give updates for around 7 games and announce 7 new ones in 40 minutes or so. I think we’re in for a special one, and here are my full predictions for the event.

This will most likely be the ending of the showcase. There’s been a lot of rumors about the price in particular, most people tend to lean towards 399$ and 499$. The question I have is if they want to lowball Series X, perhaps by doing 449$.
According to Bloomberg Analysts, they believe this is the case, 449$ for PS5 and 399$ for Digital.

However, it’s also worth bringing up the cost of the system. According to Bloomberg, the cost to make a PS5 currently is 450$. According to DuskGolem, the cost for producing, shipping etc, costs 600$ in total. But it’s also worth remembering that the production cost should go down by next year, which means they might be looking at a short-term loss.

My bet would be that the Playstation 5 releases at 499$ and 399$ Price Point on November 20th.

I think this will serve as an update on announced games, but also to give the full launch lineup. I’m betting the launch lineup might be bigger than we initally thought.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: We’ll most likely see another trailer, detailing the story and some gameplay. I bet the trailer will be focused on Aaron Davis (The Prowler), Miles’s uncle. We’ll most likely see some tease for another villain, and I also believe we’ll see a glimpse of Peter Parker.

Demon’s Souls: I know this is a heavy debate, but I truly believe we’ll see Demon’s Souls based on recent rumors. Aside from that I think that the game will be a great launch title that would surely sell a lot of consoles.

Godfall: I think we’ll see a very short trailer for Godfall, simply reminding us that it exists and is exclusive. Hopefully the trailer falls in line with the recent Combat trailer that actually looked OK.

Sackboy A Big Adventure: I’ve heard from people in retailing that Sackboy seems to be a launch title. According to rumors the game was supposed to be the final PS4 title, but got moved to the PS5 instead. According to a source the thought was to make it a launch title, similarly to Knack to fill the gap for a game for children and families. I think Sumo Digital is hitting launch.

Montage of different third party titles launching on PS5, I’d say that NBA 2K21, Marvel’s Avengers (With Spider-Man), Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and FIFA 21 are locks for this category. At some point we’ll also most likely be reminded of Astro Bot game.

We’re also sure to see some updates on announced games. I think we’ll see updates for games launching close to the PS5 launch.

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: We’ll most likely see another trailer showcasing different areas, gameplay with the female lombax and surely a release date. I think R&C will be the first game to launch on the PS5 aside from the Launch lineup, perhaps hitting December or January.

Returnal: Since Housemarque’s next game is rumored to be launching in early 2021, I think it’s a lock. We’ll most likely see more gameplay, since the last trailer was pretty setting and story focused.

Destruction All-Stars: I don’t think we’ll see more from Gran Turismo 7 at this showcase, and I think Sony wants to show at least something related to cars. I think we’ll get another look and a firm release date (Mid 2021) for this game. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the teased single player part of this game.

We won’t see updates for Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, or Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I think Horizon and Gran Turismo are both at the earliest late 2021, and will most likely be saved for future showcases. I think Kena will get a trailer on its own, or at the game awards following its recent delay. I hope I’m wrong on these ones though, as I’d love to see all three of them.

I think that there’s a good chance of the announcements for this showcase focusing on two things. What’s coming beyond 2021 and third party deals. I believe there won’t be a lot of first party titles shown here, but there will be one or two.

Final Fantasy XVI: I recently wrote an article on my thoughts and feelings regarding the new, rumored Final Fantasy. I believe it’ll be showcased at this event and that it’ll be a PS5 exclusive title. Won’t launch for at least 2022.

Silent Hill Reboot: If you haven’t read the rumors, there seems to be a Silent Hill Reboot in development by Sony Japan Studios and Gravity Rush team Project Siren. It’ll be a PS5 exclusive. Since it’s heavily rumored and has been for a long time, I think there’s a good chance of seeing it here. If we don’t see it at this showcase, we won’t see it this year. The reason I think it’s a better fit than the June showcase is that I don’t think RE Village will be on this one since it will be at TGS next week.
In any case, whether we see it or not, I believe the rumors are true and we’ll at some point see it. The game is most likely far away, 2022-23.

God of War Sequel: I know. This one might be a little early, but as I said I believe Sony wants to drop a few megatons for people that want to see what is coming in the future. I believe the final game announcement we’ll see is a teaser for the God of War sequel. It won’t be much and it won’t be long, but it’ll be hype as all hell. It won’t release until 2022 at the absolute EARLIEST but would be a great showpiece for Sony to have.

A fighting game: We’ve seen multiple games from Sony. Open-World, Horror, Indie, Action-Adventure, Racing, and Family games. However, one thing we haven’t seen is a new fighting game. As you might know, my biggest dream is a Playstation Crossover fighter (All-Stars 2 or something like that), which I don’t believe we’ll see here. But I do think there’s a possibility for something like King of Fighters XV or Injustice 3 to make an appearance at this show.

I don’t think Sony will show more First Party exclusives, but I do think we’ll see more Playstation Studios (Exclusive) games from developers. Perhaps the long-rumored Arrowhead Playstation exclusive and a look at an upcoming exclusive indie game. I think there’s a lot of potential for something cool to show up here.

I believe there’ll be some “No Shows” and questionmarks. For example, the UI won’t be shown and the Backwards Compatibility won’t get detailed either. I believe both of these will get a Blog Post and Full Video shortly after the event however. There’s really no need to show off the UI in a live showcase focusing on games in my opinion.

Regarding the UI, there’ll most likely be a video uploaded to the Playstation Youtube channel describing it. And regarding the Backwards Compatibility, I kind of forsee Sony releasing a Blog Post detailing it further, but the full list of BC Games won’t be available until something like Launch Day for the PS5.

And here we are, my favorite section of the article, and my least favorite section. We’ll most likely not see the following titles here, if ever. But they’re my biggest dreams. Also, shoutout to Twitter user Gamer_zer0 for letting me use his amazing image above and for the thumbnail for this post.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 (With a new name): My biggest dream is that we’ll one day see a new All-Stars. But I’d be happy with any Playstation crossover. If we’d see a 1v1 fighter, a party game, a Musou, or a kart racer tomorrow I would literally cry. I’ve expressed my want for a crossover on this website, and there’s a good chance you’ve seen me talk about Playstation All-Stars 2 over the past few years on different forums and articles.

Gravity Rush 3: This one won’t happen. Especially not if Project Siren is working on the rumored Silent Hill game. I don’t see us getting Gravity Rush 3 in a long time, but it’s definitely up there as one of my most wanted games.

Ape Escape Remake: Of all the franchises that Sony should bring back from the PS1-ERA, Ape Escape should be one of the biggest priorities in my opinion. A great game that I think would do great in modern times. Also, Sony kind of hinted at it with the recent Ape Escape twitter account that was created.

Sony First Party JRPG: Something I think we can all agree on… Sony needs an inhouse JRPG. While they do have Persona or the rumored Final Fantasy XVI on their platform as exclusives, they don’t own them or the studios developing them. I think that it’s about time we see something on this front. Whether it’d be through a deal or acquisition with a company like Mediavision, Level-5, or through inhouse Sony Japan Studios, I definitely see Sony needing an inhouse JRPG.

Before posting this article, I decided to ask you the readers of what your biggest dreams and wishes surrounding the event was on my social media platforms. I quickly got some responses for some hungry and hyped fans of Playstation, here’s a few!

Twitter User GraviKnight offered a great take on the question. They wrote the following comment

Some things I’d love to see: PS All-Stars 2 (or a new cross-over game), FF XVI, Ape Escape remake (never played this series but really want to), Sly 5, Jak & Daxter Remake, a JRPG by Sony. Throwing there Gravity Rush 3 as well, even if it seems Toyama Is working on Silent Hill.

Twitter user Lucas_Boss_Game wanted a single game to be revealed. Sly 5. Lucas simply wrote “Sly 5. Impossible but a man can dream”,

Resetera member, and great human being, Bundy wrote that they want the MediEvil 2 Remake.

Another Resetera member, Sidewinder is pushing for the sequel of Colony Wars on PS5. They might’ve actually written my favorite comment so far since it’s so filled with passion for the franchise.

Please mention the need for the comeback of COLONY WARS, your readers deserve the truth, seems nobody else has the courage to do so…

Twitter User Svenvl3 wrote that his biggest wish is a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, even if its just a CG trailer.

Resetera user Triggerhappytel was very kind in sharing his full thoughts. Here’s what they wrote to me in full

I would like to see Sony invest in FPSs again. They have historically brought something pretty interesting or distinct to the genre, for example with Killzone being this dark and gritty fight against an enemy with a lot of moral ambiguity on both sides, Resistance which had excellent and creative weapon variety and really great multiplayer modes (8 player co-op is still unrivaled!) and MAG, which I think was a fun and interesting online shooter that would probably have been successful had it come out a few years later on the PS4.

But most of all with FPSs increasingly shifting their focus to online modes I’d like to see Sony apply that same level of care and polish they give to the third person action-adventure genre onto FPSs, so you have a strong story pushing you forward and a lot of attention to detail. Ever since playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy I can picture Naughty Dog making a really tight and fun FPS with excellent traversal and solid encounter design. Likewise, I think the team who made God of War at Santa Monica Studios could apply that same kind of wide-linear level design to an FPS and have really creative and interesting enemies to fight. Or even getting Insomniac to make a new Resistance installment, even though I think that ship has sailed which is a shame as Resistance 3 was by far the best in the series (at this point I would be happy with just a Resistance Collection!).

As a publisher, I have really enjoyed Sony’s output on PS4, and as someone who has mostly found the FPS genre a bit underwhelming this generation, I would love that big-budget campaign focus a lot of their releases have applied to the FPS genre.

Resetera user Omnistalgic found the question to be easy, with his comment being

You mean what we want to see at the show? That’s easy baby…Bring back Ape escape and get the ball rolling with these evergreen titles.

Twitter user AmethystSword wrote

Gravity Rush 3 would be my biggest wish but also a new WipEout or Colony Wars with involvement from @FirespriteGames would be a joy (I know all 3 of these probably will never happen 🙁 )

Instagram user kcirf_supmah wrote that he wants to see Playstation VR 2 and that he’d want it to compare to the VR Giants (Vive and Oculus)

Instagram user Etharer wants to see Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord on the Playstation 5.

Instagram user laundry_basket_gamers only want one thing. Their biggest dream is that they get the PS5!

Finally, my girlfriend (Biggest shoutout ever to her for being amazing and loving me) wishes that we’ll see a new big-budget game from Disney. She’s also quick to point out that she doesn’t mean Kingdom Hearts, she wants a full-on Disney game with her favorite characters from the animated movies.

We have a lot of news and exciting game reveals to watch tomorrow. I hope you’re all as excited as I am, because I can hardly wait. Until then, lets rewatch the Future of Gaming showcase from June and wish for All Stars 2 before going to bed tonight.

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