Playstation Showcase Predictions

Sony is FINALLY back with a showcase after one of the longest droughts we’ve had from them. And while I probably shouldn’t hype myself up as much as I have, it’s hard not to do so… Even to the point of me reviving the site once again, to write about my predictions and expectations.

Before going into my predictions, remember – I don’t know if these will be there, this is for fun, and I’m just a lil’ Playstation guy excited for the show.

I think the showcase will focus on one thing; Pretty much only showing new projects, thus I don’t think we’ll see a lot of things we already know about. Pretty bold prediction, but I don’t think GTA V, Call of Duty Vanguard, Hogwarts Legacy, or other similar titles will show up. Similarly, I have a tough time seeing Alan Wake Remastered or Death Stranding Director’s Cut showing up.

Prediction Time

God of War Ragnarök – developed by Santa Monica – May 2022 – PS4 & PS5

Sadly I suspect Sony might show a game we’ve never heard about… 🙁
Jokes aside, I think it’s pretty obvious that we’ll see God of War at this showcase, I’d even go as far as to say that it’s the only guaranteed game at the showcase.

However, contrary to popular belief, I don’t think we’re going to see a deep dive or even a 5+ minute-long trailer. I suspect the trailer will be around 3-4 minutes, with a promise of more being shown soon. Recently it feels like Sony uses the State of Play’s for deep dives, and I suspect the same will be done for God of War.

Since the game was supposed to release this year, (lol), I think a lot of people suspect we’ll get it early 2022. I think around May-June seems likely personally, so my bet is that the game will get a release window at this show, with a firm date being given through a deep dive state of play.

inFAMOUS 4 – Developed by Sony XDEV – 2023 – PS5

Recently we got a pretty cool rumor from a pretty cool guy, Nick from XboxEra went to Twitter to say that we *might* get a glimpse of a new inFAMOUS at the upcoming showcase.

This is something that honestly wouldn’t surprise me that much, as it’s something I’ve speculated on myself for around a year. There are also some interesting things to note, like Sony refreshing the URL for inFAMOUS a few months ago. Yeah, it might be a “yearly” refresh, but then again they killed recently. So who knows?

As for the game + teaser itself… I suspect we’ll see a new cast of characters, with new power. The game will have a focus on one or two powers, instead of multiple, and I suspect there might be connections to the previous titles as well. (But maybe not in the trailer itself)

As for the studio; I honestly have no clue who’d be making it, but I’ll place my bets on it being a collaboration between Sony XDEV, and Tencent-owned Sumo Digital and their action team. (However, even though I love Sumo, I kinda hope I’m wrong on that prediction)

Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Developed by Capcom – 2022 – PS5 & PC

There’s been a lot of rumors floating around regarding Dragon’s Dogma 2. And personally, I think that the game 100% exists, and we’ll most likely see it at this show as well.

As of now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that this would be Capcom’s biggest game of 2022 – especially not after reports of dev troubles with Street Fighter VI and Resident Evil 4 Remake, which I suspect both might slip into 2023.

At the same time, Sony is more or less starving on the exclusive RPG front, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that Sony put a lot of money to secure a (timed) exclusivity for the game. It’ll be an open world, it’ll be an RPG, of course. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see some big Capcom names tied to this project, for example, members from the Monster Hunter team assisting with development.

All-in-all, if Dragon’s Dogma 2 shows up, it’ll be pretty dang hype let me tell you.

Fumito Ueda’s new game – Developed by genDesign – TBA – PS5 & PC

I’m extremely confident that we’re going to see something from Fumito Ueda at this showcase. If you don’t know, he and his team are the visionaries behind the PlayStation classics ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, & The Last Guardian.

We know for a fact that he’s set to reveal his game this year, and we also know he signed a publishing deal with Epic Games for this title.

However, I think Sony has helped out with the budget and supported the game since the beginning as well, and thus the game will be a permanent exclusive for the PS5 & Epic Game Store and co-published by Sony and Epic Games.

Fumito Ueda left Sony on very good terms, and I’d think that they’ve been in talks with each other since wrapping up the Last Guardian, thus I think this game is a lock. I almost feel as confident in this showing up as I am in God of War showing up.

Final Fantasy XVI – Developed by Square Enix – April 2022 – PS5 & PC

Is Final Fantasy XVI my most anticipated game right now? Yes…
Do I really want Final Fantasy XVI to show up at this show? Yes, please…
Do I actually feel confident in it showing up? No, not at all.

Through this entire list, I actually might feel the most uncertain about FFXVI showing up at this showcase for some reason. I kinda feel like they might want to wait a little more to continue market this game, depending on when the release date is.

BUT, I choose to believe. I say we’ll get another trailer, with an April 2022 date to go along with it. And contrary to earlier reports, I think Final Fantasy XVI will end up becoming a permanent PlayStation & PC exclusive.

I have a pretty wild bonus bet as well, I think we *might* see either one of FF I-VI, or all of them, becoming a pre-order bonus for the game.

Metal Gear Solid Remake – Developed by Bluepoint Games – 2022 – PS5

I think it’s time… It’s time for Bluepoint to reveal itself… It’s time for Bluepoint to reveal its true potential.

In all honesty; I don’t feel confident in this one showing up at all, this is without a doubt the thing I feel the least confident in showing up. BUT, I do think we almost HAVE to hear about the Bluepoint acquisition at this show (Or the post-show) – and yeah, of course, they can just say it without showing anything – but I suspect they want the double punch.

And honestly – is there a bigger double punch than acquiring a developer, and showing a new (permanently exclusive) MGS project alongside it?

And trust me; I really don’t care that much about MGS, so this one isn’t personal either. Hopefully, a remake will make me care, however!

Bloodborne Director’s Cut – Developed by Nixxes & From – November 2021 – PS5

Ugh, I don’t even care about this one showing up if I’ll be honest with you, but please fucking show up so I can stop seeing this every single day on Twitter.

I honestly, 100%, believe that Bloodborne remaster is in development… More than that, however? I have no clue, I don’t think Bluepoint nor From is making it. I also don’t think QLOC is making it after their Dark Souls Remastered blunder. So I’ll just go with Nixxes making it, with some feedback from From Software.

Sony has recently been in a mood in which it teases a collaboration with From Software since they pretty much mention them in every single blogpost and interview at this point. I think announcing this remaster at this show, enables them to once again talk about From Software during the post-show, lol.

(+ lets not pretend this announcement wouldn’t be massive)

SOCOM / Tactical Shooter New IP – Developed by Guerrilla Games – TBA – PS5

As we know Guerrilla has been hard at work on another game aside from Horizon Forbidden West, and I suspect that it’s so deep in development that it’s either ready to be shown or even needs to be shown.

While I don’t know what the game will be, we know it’s a shooting game, and that it’s also a multiplayer-focused title. We also know they hired the director of Rainbow Six Siege to work on the game.

From all the information we have, I’m fairly confident in it being a tactical shooter, and thus suspect that it’s… A new IP, lol. But who knows, we might see the return of SOCOM, which would be extremely hyped as well.

I don’t think the game will release for the PS4, however, while I don’t think they’ll attach a date or even a year to the trailer, I suspect that it’ll release in 2022 – making it Guerrillas year after Insomniac had the first year. (Miles Morales & Rift Apart)

Forspoken – Developed by Square Enix – January 2022 – PS5 & PC

We know that Forspoken will be Square Enix’s next big game, and I suspect that we’ll see more from it at this showcase. Or no, scratch that, we WILL see it at the showcase. If you weren’t sure about it before, check out this post by Ella Balinska, the lead actress of the game

She pretty much outright confirms that a new Forspoken trailer is dropping shortly – and oh fuck am I excited about it. I think the game has the potential to blow everyone away, with its graphics, and physics as well.

Similar to what I said about Final Fantasy XVI, I also expect that this game has switched from being a timed exclusive to becoming a permanent PlayStation & PC exclusive.

Testament – Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios – 2022 – PS5

Arrowhead Game Studios is the Swedish team behind the critically acclaimed shooter Helldivers. They’re also a long-standing partner with PlayStation. A while back they teased their new game, which is supposed to be their first AAA game – which also has a “secret publisher”

I very much expect this game to be developed together with Sony XDEV, thus making it a PlayStation Studios title.

I also think the game, while being a new IP, might technically be a spin-off or a sequel to Helldivers. However, while the predecessor more or less was an arcade shooter, I believe the new game might be more similar to Left 4 Dead – aka focus on parties going together to fight hordes of monsters, aliens, and/or Zombies.

I think it feels like it’d be a natural evolution of the studio, but whatever they’re making, I cannot wait to see it. We should hear about their project extremely soon, and this just feels like the right time.

(ALSO, Sweden representation, hell yeah!!!!)

Firewalk Studio’s New IP – Developed by Firewalk Studios – 2022 – PS5

I suspect we’ll hear about Firewalk Studios’ new IP at this show. We know that from the announced partnerships, this one is the furthest along in development, and the project has been brewing since 2018 essentially.

We know it’s a multiplayer-focused shooter, with the developer being assembled from veteran talent from loads of talented studios, like Remedy, Bungie, and Activision.

While we have that information; I honestly have no clue what to expect from this game. All I know is; I hope it’s good, and that it looks visually interesting. It might be the first FPS game made by PS Studios in a long-ass time.

TLOU: Factions – Developed by Naughty Dog – Summer 2022 – PS4 & PS5

The long-rumored and (officially acknowledged) standalone, multiplayer game, set in the Last of Us universe, should finally be officially revealed at this showcase.

I think the game will look incredible, and aside from looking stunning, it’ll most likely be extremely impressive. If you don’t know, the first TLOU game had an online mode called Factions that actually was extremely well made and fun.

This is Naughty Dog’s first standalone multiplayer title, and I’m curious to see how they deliver on that. From what it sounds like, the project has become a lot bigger than initially thought. We’ve also seen some leaked snippets of gameplay from the development of the game as well.

I suspect we’ll see the game, learn about how you handle Factions in the game, see some cutscenes of you in your base camp, learn about some modes (like a Battle Royale mode)

Because the size of the game is a lot bigger than initially thought, I think the game will release during the summer of next year. I also suspect that this game will launch on PS4 & PS5.

Bioshock 4 – Developed by Cloud Chamber Studios – 2023 – PS5 & PC

We know that Ghost Story Games is working on a new entry in the Bioshock franchise, it was revealed in December 2019. While it might be a little early to announce this game, I suspect Sony might want to reveal it simply from the fact that they have acquired timed exclusivity for the title.

Bioshock is a big game, and I think seeing that it returns only on PS5 & PC will drive sales, whichever way you spin it.

What do I think we’ll see? Not much. A teaser and I expect a new setting for it as well. What the game will be about, what the setting will be? Honestly have no clue, nor do I have any guesses.

Spider-Men – Developed by Insomniac Games – 2022 – PS5

I think the show will end with Insomniac Games flexing their wings with a VERY small teaser for Spider-Men – and no that’s not a typo.

I suspect the teaser will be extremely brief, like seeing both Spider-Men, Peter and Miles, with a small tease for Venom either through dialogue, or something similar to that. It ends with “2022” along with the title.

The reason I suspect that this will show up is actually because of the Playstation Production strategy Sony has – which is the movie adaptions of movies, and to go alongside the movies a new game seems to release. The thought is to grow the IP.

While Spider-Man obviously won’t get a movie adaption based on the game, I suspect Marvel Games, as well as Sony, wants to maximize the hype + revenue, and a good way to do that is to have the Spider-Men trailer playing at every viewing of Venom 2, Spider-Man No Way Home, & Into The Spiderverse 2.

Thus I think we’ll get a short teaser, that will be played alongside the movies in the cinema. It garners hype for the games, for the movies, and for the IP itself. It’s a win for everyone included, and I think it’d be dumb for them not to reveal the game at this showcase because of that reason.

No shows predictions

There are some games I don’t think will show up, and I’ll list them in this segment without much explanation:

  • Horizon Forbidden West – I think it’ll be shown at a later date, and start to get its big push by the TGA. I don’t think it needs to be here, as I said – focus on new projects.
  • Gran Turismo 7 – I think the game got a significant delay, and thus suspect it might skip the show until they’re closer to the date. Along with that – focus on new projects.
  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Is pretty much confirmed to skip the show with the news of the launch trailer dropping on the 8th.
  • TLOU Remake – I think they want to focus on Factions, and think that they’ll wait to reveal this until they’re closer to the show’s release.
  • WipeOut – This will be revealed at a showcase that features VR2.
  • Legend of Dragoon Project – Not ready for reveal yet.
  • Twisted Metal – This will be revealed closer to the show.
  • Sly Cooper 5 – This is too early in development to even have a shot at making it
  • Street Fighter VI – I think Capcom wants the final character in SFV to drop before announcing this.

Final Bold Prediction(s)

I have two bold predictions:

The first one is that Bluepoint isn’t the only acquisition revealed, the second one will be during the post-show, and it’ll be one of Ember Lab and / or Firewalk. (Have no clue why I’m placing this bet as it’ll 100% be wrong, lmao)

The second is:


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