Sony sure likes crossovers, huh?

As you know, I have an interest in Playstation All-Stars… Some would say it’s an addiction, others would say it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. I say it’s a quest that has been given to me, someone needs to set Sony straight and force them to make it, and it’s up to me to convince humanity that we need one.

Okay fine. I might have a problem… Anyway

Recently something has happened at Sony, the tides have changed so to speak. After years of almost zero crossovers, we’ve suddenly gotten heaps of them throughout different products. Let’s talk about them, and talk about what this could indicate for Sony going forward.

Sony studios celebrate each other launches with celebratory artwork.

First Party Crossovers

On the Playstation 3, Sony was all about crossover potential in First Party games. Through PSASBR, Move-Heroes, LBP, ModNation Racers, and a plentiful of more titles… During the PS4 generation; This almost stopped entirely, even with LBP3 we saw the focus shift away from fun skins of the Playstation legacy, to it being a pure LittleBigPlanet game.

We started seeing the return of celebrating the Playstation legacy in 2020, when Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the free online mode, got costumes from the Playstation legacy. We saw God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Shadow of the Colossus, & Bloodborne getting represented through armor in the game. Something very hype for fans, but also unexpected as this wasn’t something Sony usually does nowadays. It’s also worth bringing up that Sly Cooper also had a costume in the main game, but then again he’s tied to the developer, Sucker Punch’s legacy.

Continuing on this path, Sackboy: A Big Adventure from Sumo Digital also launched. It was announced that the Deluxe Edition of the game would include costumes from Death Stranding, Detroit Become Human, Days Gone, & Ghost of Tsushima.
This wasn’t particularly special, as LittleBigPlanet always had the Sacklings dress up in costumes based on other IPs. But then again; LBP3 on PS4 didn’t really have that push whatsoever.
Even more fun is that ever since the launch of the game, Sumo Digital has been updating the game with new costumes for every game launch; Ratchet & Clank, Returnal, and recently Destruction All-Stars.

Astro Bot being disappointed in playing with Knack since he realized Knack is a horseshit game

The massive explosion, however, came from Astro’s Playroom’s launch, which included over 50 references to different Playstation IPs, as well as 100+ references to Playstations legacy overall. It’s a game that made me cry with joy, seeing how well it celebrates Playstation… It’s essentially the closest we’ve been of a crossover game in years.

However, my favorite comes from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, that released a couple of months ago to much love. In the game, we have a tonne of easter eggs and general love for the PlayStation Legacy. Minor spoilers follow:

There’s a type of lore collectible, called LORBS, that contains references to a lot of Sony games, ranging from Knack, to Sly Cooper, to Jak & Daxter.
The gold bolts in the game contain skins for various things. For example, the gold bolts can be reskinned into the soda from Sunset Overdrive, or the orbs from God of War.
Similarly, the “supergun” in Rift Apart, the RYNO – when fully upgraded – can summon characters and objects from other PlayStation games. This includes easter eggs from Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Song of the Deep, Sunset Overdrive, Horizon Zero Dawn, & Uncharted.

Fall Guys recently got Ratchet & Clank skins. Looks freaky.

Third Party Crossovers

Sony has always been very protective of their IP’s, thus it was a big surprise seeing Kratos & Aloy joining Fortnite recently. With their own skins, gliders, etc.

But Sony didn’t stop there. In Season 5 of Fall Guys, we started out with an event for Ratchet & Clank – but through data mines, we also know that Sackboy & Astro Bot is also coming as skins to the game. (Shoutout to Kena, which is also coming – but isn’t a first-party title)

And as if it doesn’t seem crazy enough, miHoYo recently announced that Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is joining the Genshin Impact roster as a fully playable character. The developer recently asked in a survey if Genshin players knew who Kratos from the God of War series was, which could perhaps indicate a future collaboration character.

A picture I made. Hire me Sony. Please

Why have Sony changed their strategy to focus on crossovers?

Well, it’s because of IP growth. At the latest FY report, Sony said that one of their biggest focuses going forward is the growth of IP which will happen through 3 different areas, which are as follows:

  • Movies & Tv Shows
    • This is something we see happening already, with Uncharted, Twisted Metal, Last of Us, & Ghost of Tsushima.
  • PC Releases of “old” games
    • This strategy has also started, with releases of Days Gone, Detroit Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn, & Death Stranding – with more to come
    • Sony also recently acquired Nixxes Software that will focus on PC ports.
  • Crossovers & Media Promotions

The third point is extremely evident in the recent change in strategy. But does this mean that Sony could be looking at making a bigger crossover push, perhaps in the form of a crossover game from Sony themselves?

The answer is: Maybe. I think it’s more possible than ever before, and there are things pointing to it potentially happening sometime in the future. I’d say my hope for a sequel is at an all-time high, and actually, let’s talk about…

Whatever crossover game is coming; Parappa needs to be in it.


I’ve been digging in this area behind the scenes a whole lot over the past ~6 months, and I really cannot talk about a lot yet, and still have a few loose ends. I’ve been talking to multiple people with ties to the industry to try to dig out information on this, and frankly; It’s hard. Sony isn’t a leaking ship, and they hold their cards close to their chest. I don’t feel comfortable in talking about secrets either since a lot is shared through confidence / in secret.
But Sony definitely has more IP Crossovers coming; For example, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Genshin Impact get more characters than Aloy (& Kratos, if/when he’s revealed) – the same goes for Fortnite.

There’s also been speculation of more crossover potential in the first-party lineup – for example, Destruction All-Stars having someone with a lot of legacy at Playstation. Similarly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see future online-focused games from Playstation Studios being filled with easter eggs and/or skins.

In terms of a Playstation All-Stars sequel? I’m once again optimistic. I do however think, whatever it will be (If it exists) will be very different from its predecessor. Like; Different a title, new combat system, different art style, new music – pretty much ignoring there ever was a predecessor. And that’s probably for the best, to be honest.

I do also think it’s important to state; Sony doesn’t really own a studio that would fit a game like this.
Santa Monica Studios took part of the development of the first game, they’re however busy with two games and don’t really seem like a good fit for me.
Insomniac Games seems like a solid fit but has their plate full with multiple games.
Team Asobi has been thrown around because of their solid work on Astro’s Playroom, but I’d frankly be more interested in seeing them focus on perfecting their platforming games.

There have been rumors floating around of Sony looking for a fighting game developer, mainly Netherrealm and/or Arc System Works. This is something I wouldn’t be surprised at, especially with their recent fighting game push, with exclusive fighting games, as well as acquiring EVO – the biggest fighting game tournament.

Do you think we’re going to see a crossover game from Sony in the future, and would you be interested in one? Don’t forget, my pinned Tweet is me promising that if Sony announces this – I will do a giveaway of 10 copies at launch. A promise I’m going to keep.

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