Top 10 Reasons to Buy a PS5

We’re closing in on November, which is the launch month of the PlayStation 5. And for myself, the hype levels are through the roof… But you might not be in the same position, and that’s why I wanted to give you ten bullet points on why you should buy the PlayStation 5.

Something Sony turned around during the current generation was their exclusive output. Every single studio grew, and most of them created new IPs. The fact of the matter is that a few of the best-reviewed games throughout this entire generation came from Sony, and they’ve had a major presence at different gaming awards because of it.

The fact of the matter is that Sony has one of the best launch lineups in PlayStation history. Spider-Man Miles Morales, Destruction All-Stars, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Demon’s Souls are 4 anticipated games coming on day one. But we’ve also seen multiple projects coming out in the future for the PS5, like sequels to beloved games Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and God of War (2018)

Its an incredible lineup, and we still don’t know what multiple development teams are working on. For example Sony Bend (Days Gone), Sucker Punch (Ghost of Tsushima), Naughty Dog (the Last of Us), and others.

Every game announced so far is targeting 2021, which is insane and shows how great Sony’s lineup seems to be for the PS5. Aside from that, we’ve seen multiple exclusivity deals from different third-party developers, for example, Godfall from Gearbox and Final Fantasy XVI from Square Enix.

There are also rumors that Sony is working hard on a PS5 exclusive Silent Hill reboot. Looking at the PS4’s output, and the evolution of PlayStation studios I think it’s safe to assume that the exclusives alone could be the reason to purchase a PS5.

At the latest showcase for PS5, Sony showed off a new addition to PS+. Simply called the PS+ Collection, the focus is to give new players that missed out on the PS4 a chance to catch up on some of the best-reviewed games of the entire PS4 generation.

You’ll get blockbuster games like God of War, Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, Monster Hunter World, and 14 more games day one on the Playstation 5.

If you’re new to PlayStation, you could potentially have 18 new games to play on day one. It’s a great motivation to replay some of your favorite games too and catch up on series that has announced sequels like God of War.

The truth is that we don’t exactly what Sony’s plan is regarding PS+ and PS Now, if it’ll get bundled or if they’ll have a bigger focus on PS Now, but for now we know that they’ll be supported on their own.

Playstation Now is a great platform, I’m currently signed up for over a year and have access to a vast library of amazing games. You can download available PS2 and PS4 games, and a huge chunk of the PS3 library is available to stream.

My time with it has been amazing, and Sony yesterday announced that we’re going to see Days Gone, Medievil, and Friday the 13th among others join the service. Again, if you want a lot of games at launch, and a potential to catch up on the huge PlayStation library – PSNow is a great chance at doing so.

Sony unveiled a new audio engine called Tempest earlier this year, which will change the way we think about audio in gaming most likely. What the engine does, is that it delivers vivid, object-based 3D Audio in games.

Sony’s own example is that you’ll be able to hear raindrops around you. We’ve seen similar systems in current games, however, that is simply a simulation of 3D audio. We’re now going to see real 3D audio for all kinds of games, and it’ll affect your headsets, surround system, and even TV.

It’s worth bringing up that TV 3D audio comes after launch, however, for headsets, you’ll be able to give it a go at launch. And all headsets are confirmed to work with this, even if they aren’t enhanced for 3D audio.

The new controller for the PS5, the Dualsense is one of the things I’m the most excited about. While looking sleek, and reports saying that it feels great to play with – it’s the functions of the controller that stands out to me.

The Haptic Feedback is what I might be the most excited about, what the function does is that it changes the pressure of L2 and R2, for example, if you’re driving a car on a road, or in mud, you’ll feel a difference in holding down the buttons.

An even better example is that shooting with a handgun or a shotgun will feel different from the triggers. It’s a really cool function. It also has a built-in microphone, which is a great chance for people that don’t have headsets available.

Aside from that, the lightbar is smaller (And moved) and the battery time is said to be at least twice as good as the Dualshock 4 which is great.

Sony has one of the quickest SSD’s ever made in the PS5. It can load 5.5GB per second, which means that you’ll be able to load graphics and textures as you’re turning in games.

Aside from that, you’ll be able to load games almost instantly. We’ve heard that Kena: Bridge of Spirits takes 2 seconds to load from the OS into the game. At the recent youtube preview event, we saw that it takes around 1-2 seconds in both Astro’s Playroom and Godfall to respawn when you die. (Seen in video below)

We’ve also gotten promise that we can load multiplayer matches straight from the OS, you’ll be able to set patterns like while the game is booting you’ll start-up matchmaking, which means you can load into a game straight from the OS menu without the game being turned on. It’s a big difference from how it works on PS4, where you have to load a game, go through menus, sit in matchmaking, and then load the match.

The PS5 brings amazing speed, and while the Xbox Series X might have a better GPU, the PS5 might win on the fact that their SSD is so fast. For even more information about the speed of the SSD, I recommend that you watch Mark Cerny’s “Road to PS5” presentation, as that is a great showcase for understanding how great the SSD is.

This might go hand in hand with the exclusive part at the beginning, however, I do want to give a shoutout to what I think is one of the strongest lineups of first party studios in the entire industry.

Sony has some of the biggest and best developers on the market, with teams like Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studio. But they also have a great variety of different developers, focused on different things.

Pixelopus is a smaller team, that recently launched Concrete Genie. Sony Japan launches a wide variety of games, from partnerships like Bloodborne to inhouse games like Gravity Rush.

But it also seems like the Sony library and owned teams might grow. For starters, it seems that Sony has opened a new San Diego based studio working on a new title in the Uncharted series.

They’re seemingly also interested in acquiring and investing in more development teams which I’ve talked about in previous articles. The latest acquisition was Insomniac Games in 2019, which has worked out super-well for Sony. The past, present, and future are all looking great for Sony and their in-house teams.

The promise that your Playstation VR headset will continue to work on PS5 is great, my experiences with the headset have been great so far and there are rumors of a second headset coming for the PS5.

With games like Iron Man VR, Blood & Truth, and Astro Bot Rescue Mission I totally recommend everyone to try it out. It’s a great headset filled with great games, and it will most likely run even better on the new hardware.

The fact that you have VR support straight from the get-go is great, and a big difference from its rival platforms Xbox and Nintendo.

This perk is something you’ll only get with the regular PS5, and not with the Digital Edition. However, for those of us who get the regular (Or both as I am), you’ll be satisfied to hear that this is the first PlayStation that has a 4K Blu Ray.

While I don’t collect a whole lot of movies, I own almost every MCU movie in 4K and can’t wait to finally be able to watch them. This is something me, and plenty of people was disappointed with regarding the PS4 Pro when it launched.

My biggest problem with the PS4 and the PS4 Pro is the sound. My girlfriend can barely stand to be in the same room as I’m gaming and it even went as far as me having a solution of having the PS4 with a long HDMI / Power Cable in an entirely different room connected to the living room TV for us to be able to play games without having to listen to the fan noise.

And luckily. That is changing. After the PS5 Teardown shared by Sony, we’ve got our first look at the cooling system, which includes a giant heat sink, a big fan, a nice dust collector, and liquid metal cooling for the CPU.

We’ve also heard from multiple preview sources in Japan that the PS5 is very quiet and barely makes a noise. Something that will make a lot of fans happy.

Are you excited about the PS5 and will you purchase one? I myself have two units pre-ordered, along with 5 games and an extra Dualsense and can’t wait. I hope that I’ll be able to interact with you, the readers, on the PS5!

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