10 Games We Could See At TGA Tomorrow

Tomorrow we’re finally at the Game Awards, an exciting award shows that – as you know, not only hosts awards. It also usually has a lot of announcements and updates on revealed games.

I usually don’t go into the Game Awards expecting a lot from the Game Awards in terms of announcements. It’s very much a show that I think is great, and is one of the best shows in the entire gaming industry in terms of value, celebration, and pure joy.

You shouldn’t forget that last year’s game awards had some huge reveals, like the first reveal of Xbox Series X, and the first-ever PS5 game Godfall.
While I can’t wait to place my bets on every category (Will do so tomorrow), I want to discuss 10 games I think we have a chance at seeing at TGA tomorrow.

1 – Disco Elysium For Consoles

TGA usually has a big presence of indie games, and I don’t think that is stopping this year. I’m expecting updates from a lot of different games, Fall Guys, Among Us, and something like Disco Elysium.

Even though it isn’t a multiplayer game, there’s been a promise of a console-port for a long time, and just today they updated their website with a huge message saying “SOON” which to me signals that we’re going to hear about the console versions at TGA.

2 – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Without a doubt, my most anticipated game currently. As you might know, Ratchet & Clank is one of my favorite franchises of all time, having achieved the platinum trophy on every single available list.

After having finished Miles Morales on the Playstation 5, I can’t wait to see what Rift Apart ends up like.

As I’ve talked about multiple times on ResetERA and Twitter, both my sources and other insiders have heard the same thing: Rift Apart is 100% at The Game Awards. We’re definitely seeing it here, along with the release date.

While I don’t know what the release date ends up being, I’d bet that it’s around mid-February.

3 – The Wolf Among Us 2

At last year’s Game Awards we got the re-reveal of the Wolf Among Us 2, a game anticipated by a lot of people (Me included), but it has been quiet since. Recently a rumor regarding the game is back this year at TGA popped up, and while I don’t have any intel to back it up, or deny it, I’d believe the fact that it would be back at this years TGA.

Timewise it fits, and I think that TGA is the perfect venue to show it off. It’s also worth mentioning that Telltale has shown off a lot of games at the show, as the announcement of Batman Season 1 a few years ago.

4 – Final Fantasy VII Remake for Playstation 5 and PC

Next on the list is something I’ve heard rumblings about. Obviously, Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on other platforms (Or at least PC), but I believe we’re going to see an updated PS5 version to go with it. Fixed textures, better framerate, perhaps ray tracing?

It won’t be much, but it’ll be something new related to Final Fantasy at least.

5 – A LOT of Game Pass

Microsoft will most likely be there. What are they going to show? Honestly, I have no clue. We could see the Initiative’s new game, but I think we’ll have to wait for that one just a little bit longer. We could also see some updates for announced games, like Fable, or more likely Halo or Forza.

But 100% we’re going to see A LOT of trailers for Game Pass, and game reveals that ends with “Launches on Game Pass day one”, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Game Pass as an official sponsor of the show too.

6 – Horizon Forbidden West

Again, this is something I’ve talked about in multiple places. But I’ve once again heard that Sony wanted a bigger presence at TGA this year, and they thought of showing God of War Ragnarök. In the end, they decided to postpone the reveal of God of War, and instead showcase more from Horizon Forbidden West.

I suspect this game will show a longer trailer, with some bigger reveals. Perhaps some changes to Aloy, and definitely more of a teaser of what the plot revolves around this time. And I expect a dragon at some point, whether we get it at this showcase or later on I don’t know,

I’ve also talked about that there’ll be an Ultimate Edition version of Horizon Forbidden West, similar to Spider-Man Miles Morales, which is going to include a remaster for its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn.

7 – A new Crash Bandicoot title

I will admit, personally, I feel very unsure that we’re seeing a new Crash Bandicoot title. However, there have been a lot of rumors, and even a teaser from Crash 4 floating around. Namely for a new entry, rumored to be a PVP-based game.

At TGA we’ve seen reveals from Crash during previous years, for example, Team Racing. I do believe Activision is getting ready to show off a Crash spin-off, and perhaps Spyro 4 down the line. While I’m not sure it’ll be here, I think there’s a chance we do see it here.

8 – A new character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Could it be…SORA?!)

I suspect we’re going to get a new character in Smash revealed. As you know, their trailers and reveals are one of the most hyped-up aspects of gaming trailers. One of the most famous reveals is the Joker from Persona 5, which actually was revealed at The Game Awards 2018.

As to which character it’ll be… We don’t know, for once! I don’t know who it will be, but I think that announcing Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be a major bomb to drop on the world. (And would once again make me depressed regarding a potential PlayStation crossover)

9 – Elden Ring re-reveal

This is one of the games I get the most questions if I know anything, similarly it’s one of the games I’ve talked the most about since beginning to talk about what I’ve gotten to know (And can talk about)

I’ve explained on multiple sites that Elden Ring is very far along and that I very much expect it to be at The Game Awards. I’ve heard different reports, to some people even claiming they don’t believe it to be there, to later change their minds. (Look at Jeff Grubb for example)

From what I’ve gathered, I’m positive it’ll be there. If it isn’t I would be very surprised, and well. The game would have to re-reveal itself very soon.

I bet the reveal comes with a release date of May 2021, it’s not something I know for sure, but everyone I’ve talked with regarding this says the same thing… It’s Q2/Q3.

10 – Silent Hill FINALLY reveals itself

I suspect you’ve heard about this rumor. I suspect you don’t believe this rumor. I also suspect that you even laugh at the sight of this rumor. Especially after the news that Toyama left Sony Japan.

Well. I believe this rumor. Or I should say, I know that it’s more than a rumor, even if Toyama has left Sony.

From what I’ve heard, a trailer is done and ready to be shown. Sony and Konami want to give it a big reveal, and everything is sounding more and more like it’ll be at TGA. I’ve gotten confirmation that it’ll reveal itself at TGA, but as usual… If it doesn’t show up, it’ll have to show itself very early next year because a few of Sony’s projects depend on this reveal.

While I don’t know if this next tidbit is going to get announced at TGA, I suspect Sony will reveal either at or shortly after, a big partnership with Konami which will have multiple games, for multiple years. A groundbreaking partnership that begins with Silent Hill.

I also want to finish off by saying, I’ve heard that both God of War Ragnarök and Bluepoint’s next project was talked about being shown off at TGA, but ultimately switched out to Horizon Forbidden West and Silent Hill as they were further along and a better fit for the show.

What do you expect to see at The Game Awards? Are you excited about it?
As I said at the beginning of the text, I’m going to post my bets for the awards tomorrow. Stay tuned for that. For now, feel free to check out my Twitter and leave a comment on this post if you want to discuss it with me further. Thank you for reading.

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