2021 PlayStation Predictions

Sony had a great 2020, between launching big games on the PlayStation 4 like the Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, to launching their next-generation system, bundled with one of the best launch lineups ever made. We’re now in the early life of the PS5, heading into a stacked 2021.

With a lot of stuff already announced, I believe we have yet to see a lot of things. + We don’t really know what 2022 or beyond will give us in terms of games. I believe that a lot of our questions will be answered during the upcoming year. Here’s my 10 predictions for PlayStation during the year of 2021. (Shoutout to Twitter user Sami_asbo for the idea)

1 – God of War launches in 2021, wins Game of the Year.

The first prediction on the list is a pretty boring one, but non-the less I believe that God of War makes 2021 which is something people don’t seem to believe.
It’s predecessor launched in April of 2018, which gives them over 3 years to finish it. Aside from that a lot of the assets, code, and story is already built, which should make the development of Ragnarök have a quicker development time.

I also believe the game will launch to positive reviews, and eventually win the Game of the Year award even though it’ll (most likely) face Cyberpunk 2077 and Breath of the Wild 2.

From what I’ve heard the game was originally planned on being shown at The Game Awards, but I believe that those plans are changed. Expect the game to be shown of early 2021, around February.

2 – No announcements regarding Playstation VR2

Following the God of War prediction, here’s a boring one: I don’t think we’ll hear anything regarding the Playstation VR2. I do however, believe that Sony is working hard on the followup, and most likely saving the announcement and release for sometime 2022.

The reason I don’t believe we’ll hear anything is that Sony simply wants all eyes and focus on the Playstation 5. Remember that this is still the launch year of the console, all the focus will be on the exclusive software with great graphics, load-times and of course, amazing experiences from various development teams.

3 – Naughty Dog announces their next game. New IP, in early development

A tradition this past generation is that we always know what Naughty Dog are up to. Uncharted 4 was one of the first games announced for the Playstation 4, without any footage what so ever. Shortly afterward we knew they were working on Lost Legacy, which got announced together with Last of Us Part 2.

We know that Factions, the multiplayer mode of Last of Us Part 2 is in development. I believe we’ll see that soon, followed by a teaser for Naughty Dogs new IP.

While I don’t know anything regarding what their next game is, I do suspect that it’ll be a space/sci-fi game, in the amazing style and quality that Naughty Dog brings.

4 – Playstation Now Gets Revamped; PS3 Games can be bought on store, bigger focus on PS+

I foresee some big changes for Playstation Now during the upcoming year. As it currently stands, it’s a service that kind of just exists. While the numbers have been good, and we’ve seen some good additions for the service I already see more hype for the PS+ Collection than i do for Playstation Now.

Aside from that I also know that a lot of people want Playstation 3 Backwards compatibility. My guess is that the Playstation Now technology gets expanded into two areas:

  • Getting to try games for a limited amount of time in Playstation Store
  • Buying Playstation 3 Games digitally on the PS3, which technincally is one form of Backwards Compatibility.

In terms of the Playstation Now service itself, I suspect we’ll see it change rapidly which brings me into the next prediction which is:

5 – PS+ Collection Grows, becomes Sony’s answer to Game Pass

I think that the PS+ Collection is great, and what’s amazing is that while it gives 20 stellar games, they still have the potential to give away some amazing games from the PS4. For example:

  • Gravity Rush
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Knack
  • Last of Us Part 2
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • InFamous First Light
  • Uncharted Collection
  • Uncharted First Light
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Spider-Man
  • Medievil

Those are some examples, and they’re all first party games. But I also believe that with the PS3 part of my predictions comes into play here, with potential of “forgotten” playstation 3 games to be played, for example:

  • Resistance Collection
  • inFamous Collection
  • Ratchet & Clank Collection
  • Jak and Daxter Collection
  • Sly Cooper Collection
  • Puppeteer
  • Killzone Collection
  • God of War Collection

And these are just a few titles, and again… They’re all first party games. I think PS+ Collection will essentially grow into their answer to Game Pass, with some games launching on the service. An example of a game I could see launch there would be something along the lines of Destruction All-Stars (Which is already confirmed to launch on PS+, at least)

6 – Sony builds a new dev-studio from the ground-up that will focus on anime IPs.

This prediction is more-or-less focused around Sony-corp as a whole, and not necassarily around SIE. With Sony’s growing interest in anime, and dominating the anime industry, they also want to have a tandem between their two key-pillars anime and games. I think they’ll do so by building a new studio from the ground-up to develop smaller, quicker games for the PS5.

It’ll surely be Japanese-based, and develop games surrounding anime IPs they own.

7 – From Software announces their next Playstation Exclusive, Miyazaki is the director.

As we know, From Software is currently hard at work on 2 known projects, as well as a third, secret projects. In development is Elden Ring and Armored Core.

The status of Elden Ring is expected to be updated in a few days at the Game Awards. Speaking to my sources, and other insiders, the game does seem to target Q2/Q3 2021. My sources say the game was supposed to launch 2020, but was delayed because of poor performance.

Regarding Armored Core, we don’t know a lot about it. But Miyazaki isnt attatched to it.

Once again, the third game is a Playstation exclusive title. It’s something I’ve been discussing with (verified) insiders, and my sources. I am very confident in this statement. It’ll be directed by Miyazaki, but sadly I don’t think you should expect the follow up to Bloodborne. From what I’ve heard its a new IP, or at least not Bloodborne related.

While I do believe the game is in early development, I think we’ll see the game during 2021 and will be a taste of “the future” of exclusive software on PS5. (Like 2022 and beyond)

8 – Sony announces a big partnership with Konami.

We’ve had a rumour for a long time regarding a certain Silent Hill reboot developed by Sony Japan. While a lot of people don’t believe it, I absolutely do (Can’t disclosure why)

I do believe we’ll see Silent Hill at the Game Awards since the trailer is supposedly done and ready to be shown according to the people I’ve spoken with. If it isn’t, it’ll be at the same show as God of War Ragnarök (Early 2021 Show, like January/February)

However, that is just the beginning of the partnership with Konami. I believe it’ll be a multi-year, multi-game exclusive deal, most likely surrounding the following three franchises

  • Silent Hill
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Castlevania

And I want to be crystal clear, this won’t be acquisition based or anything of the kind. It’s simply a multi-year, multi-exclusive partnership between the two companies. Sony develops, Konami supports the development. Sony gets free access to the IPs, Konami’s name grows in peoples eyes. However, if this partnership succeeds, I wouldn’t be surprised if talks between Sony and Konami grew into a potential acquisition/merger.

Also: Kojima won’t be involved what so ever in any of these projects. Not even MGS.

9 – Sony makes a total of 3 acquisitions

This is a bold one. Sony is not fond of acquisitions, and have said on multiple occations that they focus on organic growth and are simply looking at acquisitions.
I’m the one who broke the Bluepoint acquisition earlier this year, and while it isn’t announced yet, it shouldn’t be long until is. I’d say that we’d see it this month, but Sony might wait for the announcement of their next Remake around February-April next year. (Can’t wait until everyone learns what they’re making)

The Bluepoint acquisition is therefore one of the 3 acquisitions I predict (know) will happen. The second one is Housemarque, the developer behind Returnal. I’ve spoken about this earlier. While I don’t have any intel at all regarding Housemarque and their relationship with Sony, we do know that they’re in need of financial stability and is very close with Sony.

A difference we can see between Housemarque and other partnership Sony’s had is that their latest games (Matterfall, Nex Machina) flopped hard, and Sony gave them another chance with Returnal anyway – which is their biggest game ever. If the game is a success I don’t see a future in which Sony doesn’t acquire them. They’re also very close with multiple studios at SIE, and fit basically just as well as Bluepoint.

The third one is a big one. I predict that Sony as a whole is going to acquire Kadokawa, the huge anime and manga company that also owns From Software and Spike Chunsoft.

Yes, you read that right. I believe we’re going to see From Software and Spike Chunsoft join SIE.

I think it’s a perfect match for Sony. In terms of anime, they now own Aniplex, Crunchyroll, Funimation among others. If they want to make an IP-based acquisition, Kadokawa is an amazing acquisition. In terms of games, which is the other key-pillar at Sony, it gives them access to From Software and all of their IPs (Dark Souls, Sekiro, Armored Core), they also have experiences in everthing from VR, to multiplayer, to single player, etc.

Spike Chunsoft gives Sony a smaller studio that can make anime-related games, and also develop fan-favorite games like Danganronpa for the Playstation 5. I think all around this acquisition makes too much sense.

It’s also a great answer to the crowd that wants more content from Japan on Sony’s platforms.

10 – Announcement of a Playstation Crossover game

This prediction might be a total dream-prediction. But as you know, my dream game from Sony is a crossover title. I don’t care if it’s a fighter, kart-racer, musou, MOBA. I just want one.

However, I do think the timing is very good for a crossover game to happen. The love for playstation is at an all time high and their IPs feels like they’ve been hightened simply because of Astro’s Playroom that succedeed in providing the love and care for various Sony IP’s.

The industry also loves crossovers, and lots of games (Especially fighting games) have them. I mean, Kratos is even joining Fortnite in which he’ll fight against Master Chief from Xbox.

I do believe that there’s a fair chance we’ll see a game, the question is what genre it will be and who develops it. That is a question I can’t answer, but I almost hope that it’ll be a kart racer over a fighter at this point. (Also, if you’re interested in seeing me build the roster of a crossover game, let me know as I’m working on my definitive list)

What are your predictions, and what do you think of mine – let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or feel free to mail me!

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3 thoughts on “2021 PlayStation Predictions”

  1. Very interesting list of predictions. I am especially curious at the concept of a new studio built specifically for anime and animesque titles (since their results at studio building the past decade have been mixed so far), and the idea of acquiring Kadokawa (had the exact same thought regarding the latter due to their affinity to anime/manga and being beneficial to Sony Group as a whole).

    If your Bluepoint leak is anything to go by, I wonder if outside Bluepoint and Housemarque, other games are also ‘auditions’ for Sony’s third-party partners. Aside from Destruction AllStars by Lucid (doubt Sony wants Sumo Digital; they work better as partners), there are also the rumors regarding Arrowhead, Firesprite/Fireteam(?) and Impulse Gear, and I assume Camouflaj are also among the ones working on a Sony project now. I see people throwing around Capcom or Square, but man I think the chances for these are slime unless the other big gaming companies will force their hands.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this summary, a very interesting read from someone who I’ve noticed to be a pretty chill and welcoming gaming enthusiast.

    p.s. uhh, I guess you can’t give a little hint about Bluepoint’s next remake, right? The speculation is killing me lol.

    • Thank you so much for reading, and leaving a comment on top of that 🙂

      It’s for sure an interesting topic. As you say they could be trying out multiple studios, and honestly I think that Ready At Dawn is a studio that would be an SIE studio if not for the Order 1886 being a massive flop. And honestly, I believe that’s what could happen with other studios too if they don’t “deliver” as Sony wishes.
      We’ll see what happens, but I agree with you that companies like Capcom and Square most likely won’t be acquired for a long time. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I’ll continue posting more in the future 🙂

      And regarding Bluepoints next project… It’s coming, I’m going to tell everyone soon 🙂 Waiting for a greenlight to say it from my source, but I think a lot of people will be very happy about it.

      • Oh man, the Ready at Dawn/The Order stuff still hurts. 🙁 In another universe we would have had RAD as a top studio in WWS and The Order as a killer new IP. It definitely felt like their big audition and I just wish they focused more on the gameplay and content (and ending) over graphics. Here’s to Housemarque passing their trial by fire; they deserve it and Returnal is easily my most anticipated 2021 Sony game.

        On the Capcom thing… Maybe someday they’ll hire Capcom to developer a second AllStars game? The same way Nintendo does with Bandai Namco.

        Thank you for replying, and I can’t wait to see your announcement + your next posts. 🙂

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