A new version of Nintendo Switch is reportedly coming out 2021

For a long time there’s been a rumour floating around of a stronger Nintendo Switch, not a second generation, more of a mid-gen hardware upgrade. (See Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One X)

Well the rumours came back in full swing yesterday. First reported by ”Taipei-Based Economic Daily News”, they stated that the new Switch would enter production later this year and is planned for launch in Q1 2021. It will feature improved interactivity and display quality.

This sounds pretty much inline with everything that has been rumoured previously. Its certainly great news for both Switch fans, but also developers who (I imagine) wish for more powerful hardware to work with.

Later, Takashi Mochizuki at Bloomberg reported the same thing with more information. Their article starts by saying

Nintendo Co. plans to debut an upgraded model of its Switch console next year along with a lineup of new games, people familiar with the matter said, ceding 2020’s holiday spotlight to rival devices from Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp.

I recommend reading the full article as its very well written and filled with information. Another thing that lines up with Bloomberg and Taipei is that Nintendo has another focus for 2021, namely a strong focus on the software. Which is seemingly why the lineup has been a little bit weaker this year. What it could be is up to anyones imagination though, Metroid Prime 4? Retros next title? Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes?

Personally, I absolutely believe this rumour. I think that its about time that Nintendo puts out a better version of the Switch. I’d be all over this. As usual with rumours and leaks, take it with a grain of salt and remember that time will tell. Its exciting non the less!

Also, can anyone leak an Achievement / Trophy system for Switch soon?