MarsipanGames is a community created in 2020. The vision for the site started as a platform for me to discuss and analyze one of my favorite hobbies, video games. The vision has since evolved, and hopes of evolving into a site where people go to read actual good content are strong.

The site is mostly based on PlayStation, and I find it important to be transparent about that. But we’re still producing some content for other platforms as well. The reason for this mostly stems from the fact that we have amassed a lot of knowledge of PlayStation, and their brand – while we also don’t feel like we’re making justice to other brands and their coverage because of our lack of knowledge of them.

We also want to say that we stand for all forms of equality. We stand with all ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and nonbinary people. We won’t tolerate any form of slander to any group of people. We also fight for Mental Health Problems and aren’t afraid to share life stories and gaming-related tips to fight struggles in this area.

In the end, this is just a platform to talk & interact about everything and anything related to gaming. We want to enjoy this hobby with others, and that’s why we continue to pour our love into every single article to produce great content, for great readers.

While MarsipanGames is still very young, we’ve already hit some pretty cool milestones. Let’s go over them!

In October of 2021, we had our first “viral” article, with it netting multiple thousands of reads over a very short time span (And continues to net views to this day). It gained a lot of traction with industry people like Shinobi602 retweeting it, a true honor for a long-time fan of his!
LINK TO ARTICLE: Inspecting and Dissecting Sony’s Acquisition Strategy

In October of 2021, MarsipanGames saw its second writer make his first appearance on the site. Raziel Karamir was a friend that site owner Adam met through MarsipanGames, and he’s now writing articles freely on the website! It’s not only incredibly cool, but he also writes stuff that is above and beyond in quality, even when compared to massive gaming sites.
LINK TO ARTICLE: PlayStation Studios Games Rundown

In March of 2022, we got our first two review copies of games. As soon as the reviews are done, we’ll post them, but we feel incredibly proud of this incredible achievement.

The owner of the website is me, the one writing all of this!

My name is Adam Berggren, you might however know me through different nicknames such as Dood, DoodMarvelous, or MarsipanRumpan. Wherever you’ve met me, I’m happy to see you here.

I’m from Sweden and am generally a very social and happy guy. As I said earlier, I initially created this site with the hope of just finding people to talk to, and now I’ve grown it to a smaller community of readers, and frankly… Friends!
It already feels like a dream coming true.

My interests consist of a few key pillars so to speak. Gaming, Marvel, Hockey, and One Piece. In other words: I’m a pretty nerdy guy. In my private life, I work as a full-time manager at a tech company in Sweden.

In 2022 I got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Something my mother had before she passed away. It’s still early in my journey, but I’m still proud to be me! I’ve struggled on and off with mental health, and it’s in my opinion one of the most important aspects of life (Literally!), which is why I advocate and talk a lot about the subject. Remember, there’s always help available!

MarsipanGames has also gotten two new writers, both of which have asked not to share too much information as of now. But I’ll at least mention them here, Raziel Karamir is someone you’ve already seen as he’s posted a handful of articles already. But we also have a second one working hard on multiple things, until he introduces himself we’ll just call him Ray!

We’ll end it with Social Media Links to everyone:

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