My name is Adam, and I’m a little Swedish dude just talking about things. When I initially created MarsipanGames in 2020, I did it with the vision of me growing into something in the gaming industry. I worked my ass off, and in the end, didn’t really enjoy it.

In 2021, I’ve rebooted the idea into me writing whenever I feel like it.

Regarding who I am, and why I’m doing this: I’m basically a pretty social, and happy guy from Sweden. My interests consist of 4 key pillars: Gaming, Marvel, Hockey, and One Piece. In other words; I’m a pretty nerdy guy. Aside from gaming, I’m a full-time employee (and manager) at a tech company in Sweden.

I’m also someone that values all forms of equality. I stand with all ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and nonbinary people, and won’t tolerate any form of slander to any group of people. I’m a pretty active advocate for Mental Health problems in real life after my mother committed suicide in 2018.

I truly just want a platform to talk, about everything and anything. I want to enjoy gaming with others, and that’s why I decided to create this website, and why I’ll continue pouring my love of gaming into it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Avatars and Banners Released in a 'Fan Kit'

Wherever you found me, whether through PSN or even different forums like ResetERA or Reddit under my nickname MarsipanRumpan. Through this website and former accounts of MarsipanGames. Through my Twitter DoodMarvelous. Or maybe because you know me as Adam, whatever the reason you’re here;

I’m just happy that you’re here and reading and discussing things with me.

My list of gaming-related achievements is small. But I hope to build a list a lot longer than this one in the future. Here’s to humble beginnings 🙂

Wrote a trophy guide for Shovel Knight

Closing in on 200 achieved platinum trophies