Can’t Yoji Shinkawa make art for everything?

At the Last of Us day that took place this past weekend, we got new merch, some free themes, and some teases from Naughty Dog. But the biggest thing was a new Last of Us poster made by the incredible Yoji Shinkawa.

If you don’t know Shinkawa is a character designer, most famous for his work on the franchise Metal Gear Solid. If you didn’t know, a lot of what makes MGS stand out is his amazing art. He’s basically a key-figure to most Kojima games, in my opinion.

And after having seen his take on Last of Us I can’t think about him doing art for all kinds of franchises. I would love to see his take on something entirely different, like Ratchet & Clank or Final Fantasy. Whatever he touches turns to gold, and I imagine we could see a new, cool, look for basically any franchise if we gave him an opportunity.

The best counter-example I could give is that we’ve seen someone like Tetsuya Nomura, director, and designer of Kingdom Hearts, and plenty of Final Fantasy titles – make art for IPs that isn’t his. For example, there’s officially released DC figures, designed by him

Imagine the possibilities if Shinkawa just went ham. Started a full-time gig as someone who creates art for everything. I’d say seeing his take on famous Marvel characters is up there as a dream of mine.

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