Could Demon’s Souls be a launch title for the PS5?

At first glance the launch lineup for the Playstation 5 is looking quite weak at the moment. With the big titles being Spider-Man Miles Morales, Kena Bridge of Spirits (most likely) and… Bugsnax?

But recently, it was found by the staff over at Gematsu, that the game got rated in Korea around a week ago.

As Gematsu writes in the replies, the only other PS5 title currently rated is Spider-Man Miles Morales. Its also worth pointing out that later, the game also got rated in Japan. This could all be a coincidence, but it does point towards Demon’s Souls being a launch, or atleast very early title for the PS5 which would be huge news for early adopters, or gamers who are on the fence of getting a PS5.

Looking at earlier Playstation titles they all follow a similar pattern, for example, Horizon, Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone were all rated around 2-4 months before launching.

When Twitter user P_Betar later asked Video Games Journalist and Insider Imran Khan (@Imranzomg on Twitter) for clarification he said the following:

I guess time will tell, and Im sure we’ll see at Sony’s next showcase which is rumoured to be hold in early September. In the meantime we might as well rewatch the announcement trailer.