Days Gone, Medievil, and others join the PlayStation Now lineup.

The service Playstation Now gets 6 new additions in time for Halloween, and the service just keeps on getting better for each month.

PlayStation Japan went on to Twitter to reveal the new additions to the PlayStation Now lineup for October. The new games added are as follows

  • Days Gone (Will be available until January 4th 2021)
  • MediEvil
  • Friday the 13th
  • Trine 4
  • Battle Princess Madeline
  • Steel Rats

It’s a great list of games. As I finished and achieved the platinum trophy in both Days Gone and MediEvil earlier this year, I strongly recommend that you play both. Especially since I believe both will have their sequels on the PS5 at some point.

For trophy hunters, you’ll surely be interested in Trine 4, seeing as the game has an easy trophy list, which can be completed in around 10-15 hours of playtime.

The most interesting addition is Friday the 13th however. While it fits with the Halloween theme, I think it’s interesting to see Illfonic’s and Sony’s relationship grow further. They seem to be really close after Predator Hunting Grounds launched as a PlayStation console exclusive. We’ll see if their relationship further grows as time goes on.
It’s also worth bringing up the fact that former Sony employee, Gio Corsi, is the head of Illfonic now.

A common missconception of PlayStation Now is the sentiment that you can only stream games on the service – which is simply not true. You can download all PS4 and PS2 titles, however PS3 can only be streamed as of now.

I’ve been using the service for the past few months, and it works well. Even streaming games work amazing, and I totally recommend playing through some of your favorite LEGO games on the service.

However, I do have to say I’m interested in seeing what Sony decides to do in terms of services for the PS5. They have PlayStation+, Playstation+ Collection and PlayStation Now. The question begs… Will they merge some of these? If they were to merge PS+ and PSNow, we’d look at an incredible value for the PS5 and its service.

It’s something to keep an eye out, and it’s also something I’ll talk about more in the future. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to playing these new games on the platform.

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