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In light of recent personal struggles, I’ve realized that I need to find stuff to look forward to. Gaming has been a venue to escape my entire life, so I had to ask myself… What would be my biggest dream announcements? Well, I’ve thought about it, and decided to share it with you! (I bet you can’t guess number 1… 😉 )

This article is very much a shorter one based on what games I’d love to see one day. In other words… Devs, if you see this, get to work! (or hire me, I guess?)

Gravity Rush 3

First on the list comes as no surprise to anyone. I’ve previously written an article on the franchise being criminally underrated. To my surprise, it’s still to this day one of the most read and shared articles, which in turn showed me just how beloved the IP actually is.

Sadly, I currently feel like it’s highly unlikely. In 2020 SIE shut down the legendary developer Sony Japan, after a long struggle with quality, sales, and lack of vision at the developer. Along with the studio’s closure, Sony also lost a lot of talent in the process. Among those was Keiichiro Toyama, the director of the series.

He’s since moved on and created Bokeh Game Studios, and is currently developing his new title Slitterhead. But he did actually talk about Gravity Rush in February of 2022, speaking to Gravity Rush Central, Toyama expressed interest in returning to make the third game, as well as bringing the first two games to PC.

Sadly, I find this highly unlikely. Even with Kat (and Raven) being very popular characters, you barely see them marketed. Last we saw them represented in a game was in Astro’s Playroom, and on the International’s Women’s Day in 2022, Sony featured their Heroine lineup on PS Store – the only thing noticeable was that Kat had been cut out in multiple segments.

I find this announcement to, sadly, be highly unlikely… But I would LOVE to see them returning to it. I still think both games hold up incredibly well, have amazing gameplay, look great, and have massive amounts of potential to truly have a special sequel.

Astro’s Universe

The second game on the list is Astro’s Universe… And the difference between this and Gravity Rush 3 is that I actually find this to be extremely likely to happen.

What I mean with Astro’s Universe is that it’s basically a more open, AAA, full-fledged Astro Bot game. A lot of people would compare this to something like Mario Galaxy, and I’ve even seen the name Astro’s Galaxy thrown around. However, I think that’s too on the nose, and I also think Universe makes more sense for what my idea for the game is…

One of the best parts of Astro’s Playroom is the emphasis on love for PlayStation. Every stage is built around the PS5 and features easter eggs to both previous hardware, but also important brands and characters that have been important to PlayStation’s legacy.

Imagine that they took this even further, and had worlds built around the games – in another world, Astro traveling to different universes and exploring them. As an example; You could go to the world of Horizon, fight against dino-robots, meet Astro-Aloy, and explore the world in the style of Astro’s Playroom.

I think this could be an amazing homage to PlayStation and their studios, and something that also offers a lot of creativity for Team Asobi. And the best part about Astro’s Playroom is its gameplay… Evolving that, and potentially having mechanics and tools built around the different worlds could be something spectacular in my opinion.

We know Team Asobi is staffing up a lot and is working on at least one title. It’s easy to assume their next game will be something for the PlayStation VR2 – but after that has launched, I truly hope we finally get Astro’s Universe.

Mario Kart Smash

I had no clue what to call this one, but one of my top 3 Nintendo franchises alongside Mario Party and Smash, is of course Mario Kart. I’ve played thousands of hours of Mario Kart in my lifetime, and there’s bound to be a lot more with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe receiving 48 new tracks over the span of the upcoming 24 months.

Even though support for MK8D has come back, there are a lot of rumors of Nintendo developing a new entry in the franchise – Mario Kart 10.

I think this is bound to happen at some point, especially since it’s a seller unlike anything else. The last core title is quickly approaching 40+ Million Sales and is the best selling entry in the franchise so far.

I don’t have a lot of wishes for it, as I fully trust Nintendo to deliver… But I do hope they lean more into the crossover aspect, something that Mario Kart 8 started by adding Link, Isabelle, and Inkling from their respective franchises. However, I hope they go even further and have plenty of stages and characters from various Nintendo IPs.

Sleeping Dogs 2

I love Square Enix… I really do… But I’ll never forget them for killing Sleeping Dogs 2 and in the process, United Front Games.

If you didn’t know, I’m not a big fan of GTA-like games… Basically, the open-world crime-focused titles so to speak. But to my surprise, Sleeping Dogs wasn’t only a game I liked… It’s one of my favorite games ever made. It also holds a special place in my heart, as the PS3 version of the game is the first platinum trophy ever recorded on my account.

Sleeping Dogs is one of those games that are critically acclaimed, beloved by almost everyone that has played it, but even with that, it’s still underrated… In my opinion, the game deserves the world.

Great story, amazing characters, incredible setting and city, some of the most fun I’ve had driving around in an open world, and absolutely insane combat. And I want more; I want a sequel; I want the movie they planned at multiple points.

Sadly, I don’t think this will ever happen, at least not under Square Enix. With Sony London Studios developing a sandbox open-world game with a Multiplayer focus, a lot of people speculate that it could be their version of GTA Online… If that’s the case, I can’t help but think how cool it’d be if they got access to use the Sleeping Dogs IP and got to build a narrative around that.

Please, someone… Save Sleeping Dogs… It deserves the world, and I would literally die for a sequel

Black Panther Open World Game

I love Marvel, as you probably know. There are plenty of games I’d love to see based on their IPs. I thought about putting a Doctor Strange game by Remedy, a Ghost Rider game by Sony Bend, or a Nova game by Eidos on this list… But I can’t help myself and my desire to see a full-fledged open-world game around Black Panther and Wakanda.

In my opinion, the potential for a game like this is endless. Wakanda is beautiful, is surrounded by vast landscapes, and they have access to the most advanced technology in the world – which could lend itself well to gadgets and gameplay mechanics.

The different tribes could play a large role in the story and don’t forget that T’Challa has some of the best villains available. If we followed some comic stories, we could also see Storm as T’Challas’s wife, or at least being present in the games. This could also lead to a banger sequel down the line.

The closest thing we got right now is the Crystal Dynamics Avengers game, in which we got a Wakanda-Expansion in 2021. In fact; It’s some of the best content the game has received to date, but only made me hunger for a game focused around T’Challa and Wakanda alone.

One Piece FighterZ

In 2018 Arc System Works launched one of the coolest fighting games ever made, and honestly one of my favorite ones at that… Dragon Ball Fighterz!

The game is amazing from top to bottom, gameplay, graphics, multiplayer, post-launch support, etc. And as you know, their flawless engine makes the game stand out from basically anything else in the genre.

I’ve always enjoyed Dragon Ball, but not been a massive fan of it. However, that’s not the case with One Piece. You might not know this, but One Piece is one of my all-time favorite stories in all mediums. I’ve read it weekly since 2011 and am a fan on all fronts of essentially everything the world has to offer.

Sadly, there are very few One Piece games that have scratched that itch. A lot of people want an open-world game based on this IP, which we kinda got with World Seeker. On my end, however, I’ve always wanted a solid fighting game around the IP.

We got Burning Blood, which was fine – but very much a cheaper arena fighter… I want more. Sadly I don’t think this is happening anytime soon, Arc System Works is busy as it is, and it seems like the next One Piece game won’t be a fighting game either based on what’s been rumored so far.

Parappa the Rapper

Of course, I couldn’t make this list without including my boy Parappa. He’s the icon on all my social media, and a character I adore.

The thing is… I have no clue what I would want Sony to do with a revival for Parappa, but somehow I see it as a smaller open-world (Think South Park games kinda), in a highly stylized art, with Parappa going around on different quests and of course rapping.

I’d love to see a twist on the game as well, and there are different ways to go about that, and one of those could potentially be what NanaOn-Sha and iNiS J had planner with their game Project Rap Rabbit – a Kickstarter for a new kind of rapping game, that sadly failed.

I could also see an entire twist in which the rhythm-based gameplay takes an entire backseat for entirely new mechanics for Parappa to use. Whatever it’d be, I’d love to see Parappa return in some form!

(Insomniac’s) Spyro the Dragon 4

If you didn’t know, Spyro the Dragon on the PS1 is my favorite game of all time. I also do a yearly playthrough on the trilogy around October-December, its been a big part of my life and was one of the first games I played back on the PS1.

Needless to say, I love the little purple friend. While I would be happy with any form of new content for Spyro, the dream is to have a fourth entry into the franchise – similar to what Crash got with the release of Its About Time.

What would be an even bigger dream is of course to see Insomniac get another crack at it after all of these years, and I’d imagine that they’d be interested in at least getting a shot at it. Sadly, this part of the dream will never happen since Microsoft acquired Activision/Blizzard, and alongside that the Spyro the Dragon IP.

Hopefully, Microsoft lets Toys For Bob have a crack at making a sequel to their excellent remake a few years ago.

Sony Smash Bros (PlayStation All Stars)

The biggest shock in the universe… Or not! Of course, All-Stars is on this list, it’s my dream game, and virtually anyone that has ever spoken to me whether IRL or on the internet knows how much I want this to happen.

I have thought about this for like 8 years at this point, and have thought of every pitch possible: But I always end up wanting it to be a Platform Fighter. I decided to title it “SONY SMASH” so it’s easy to understand, but obviously, I want it to have its own identity and gameplay mechanics.

I love Smash, and I love Brawlhalla. But they both lack one thing: PlayStation IPs. I’ve always loved PlayStation, and the potential of seeing them crossover is legit a massive dream for me. While I loved the first game, it’s very flawed, and on the other hand, you can’t even play it without having to boot up a PS3 or Vita. (Spartacus, please…)

With the IPs, they’ve cultivated since the first game, with the brand synergy between segments both at Sony, as well as PS Studios and with Platform Fighters having a spike in popularity… Why wouldn’t you pursue this? Sony even fights hard to grow their IP and characters through multimedia expansions and crossovers (Fortnite, Fall Guys, Genshin Impact, etc). MAKE THE DAMN GAME!

I can’t believe Warner Bros, and even Nickelodeon beat them to the punch…

Hire me and I promise I’ll deliver the best Platform Fighter ever.

And that’s it for this short and fun post.
What are your dream game announcements, I would love to hear them! We’ll also return to a weekly article schedule from here on out, so expect to see more stuff coming out in the coming weeks!

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