Title:  Fall Guys

Developer:  MediaTonic

Publisher:  Devolver Digital Games

Console: Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Pro, PC

Reviewed on: Playstation 4 Pro

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Fall Guys is the next Battle Royale out on the market, but with a great twist. Mediatonic does not only offer a solid take on the genre, but also a fresh one.

Its been a few years since PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale launched, and since then pretty much every publisher has jumped on the train, searching for the same success as achieved by those two. We’ve seen big franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield do it, and even widely different games like FIFA have made its own take.

Mediatonic offers a great alternative, that feels fresh and is a bundled package of games filled with joy and charm. It sets itself apart from every other Battle Royale game I’ve seen and played in a spectacular fashion.

The basic gist of Fall Guys is a mix of the Japanese TV Show Takeshi’s Castle and Mario Party. The game features 60 player matches, and you’ll go through 4-5 rounds against 59 players until there is one winner crowned. Even though the game seems friendly at first glance it can also be rage-inducing, much like Mario Party. I can see Fall Guys being 2020’s biggest Friendship breaker.

After having played the game for around a total of 100 hours give or take, I feel comfortable in talking about this game, its qualities, and its weakest points.

A picture of one of the games final stages, Fall Mountain.

From the get-go, the game’s menu is very colorful and looks playful, but the second you boot up a game you’ll most likely realize that the game can be brutal. The obstacles can easily get the best of you and you also have to be aware of your opponents that in certain stages can eliminate you by tripping you over. You’ll also come to learn that people don’t understand certain things in life, like how a See-Saw works, which can be mildly infuriating after 100 hours of playtime.

Personally, it took me around 25 in-game Levels until I got my first crown, and the feeling was incredible. For someone that doesn’t usually enjoy multiplayer games, I wasn’t only hooked, I felt addicted. Even though Sweden had some of its hottest days of the year, and I was on vacation, I mostly wanted to continue winning these crowns. And let me tell you, I did!

The fabled See-Saw.

The game is built around a great currency system, There are two types of currency, the first one being Kudos, which you get from every game. It’s worth bringing up that you can use real money to purchase more Kudos, but you can also get everything from simply playing the game. Personally I purchased close to every item available during my playtime without the need for using real money.

The second type of currency is crowns, which you can only get from winning. You cannot purchase these, or cheese them in any way. You simply have to win. There has never been an unreasonable cost for the Crown Skins either in my opinion, with the most expensive ones being 10 crowns for a full costume set.

Fall Guys also has multiple crossover skins, like Enter the Gungeon, Hotline Miami and Portal.

The different mini-games consist of different Races, a Logic round, Team-Based Games, Survival, and of course the Final Round(s). And let’s get this out of the way right away, there are some games I didn’t like. But the team over at MediaTonic is and has been working on fixing all of our complaints.

The Team Games is the big majority of complaints that I’ve seen from players. Personally I enjoy almost all of them except when the team size differs, or when there are multiple team games in a row. Both of these complaints have been addressed by MediaTonic and is / will be fixed by the time of writing this.

The game consists of multiple races, for example, See-Saw as I mentioned above, but also Fruit Chute where you have to go up a chute while different fruit is being launched at you. My personal favorite is Dizzy Heights which feels like something taken straight out of Takeshi’s Castle. Its a map with spinning plates and rolling balls.

The Survival Maps consist of two maps, both having the goal of not falling off the platform. These maps really set the pace well for the rest of the rounds and are very fun. The biggest however turned out to be the people around you, and not the stage itself. One bad fall and you’re eliminated.

The game currently has a single Logic-based map, focused on Memory. Basically, you have to remember the pattern. Finally, we have the team-based games, which consists of collecting eggs, playing football, and collectively pushing a ball from point A to point B.
But there’s also another type of minigame that stretches throughout Solo rounds, team rounds, and even finals. And its the tail grabbing round, in which a set number of players receive tails, there’s a clock ticking and when the clock reaches zero you need to have a tail.

The best type of game, however, is the finals itself. Currently, there are only four different maps. Fall Mountain, which is a race-based map. Royal Fumble which is Tail Grab based. Jump Showdown that is Survival based. And Hex-A-Gone, which is the best game in the entire game, basically every platform you stand on disappear, and you have to be the last player standing.

Nothing beats the thrill of playing hex-a-gone.

I love all the races, survival, and the Logic map. The biggest problem is the different Tail Grab games. The reason being that it’s heavily dependent on latency and good network connection. I’ve lost multiple games from losing my tail in the final second of the game, from someone that, from my end, was 10 feet away.

My biggest wish looking at how it’s currently structured, is that loading times between stages shorten down for quicker games and more playtime. It might be possible, depending on their networking which I believe has a good chance of getting better since the game has been a huge success for the small team. Let’s hope this will improve with the coming updates and future season.

Finally, Trophy and Achievement wise I think that the game has a really solid and fun list overall. You basically get every trophy by just playing, the list lets you focus on the different aspects of the game. However, the one trophy “Infallible” for winning 5 games in a row is one of the hardest trophies I’ve ever stumbled upon which… Is pretty fresh also! I don’t hope all games will do this moving forward, but it’s also refreshing having to fight for 100%.

My platinum trophy image screenshot.

The game has been a resounding success for Mediatonic. The game is being reported as having 15.6 Million Players on PS4, and the latest official numbers for Steam being 2 Million. Its also worth pointing out that the game launched for free on PS+, and I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Fall Guys is the biggest success story on PS+ since Rocket League.

With the announcement that there is going to be an announcement of a second season at Gamescom the 27th of August and the fact that it’s not a full-priced game, I cannot stress enough how much I believe you should give this game a shot.


Fall Guys is a great game filled with personality and charm. I believe the game has the potential to grow into something huge, not only in the short-term but for a long time ahead of us. My time with the game has been nothing else than amazing and I recommend everyone from young to old to play this game. With the next season being close, I think this is one of those games you at least have to try out as soon as you can.


  • Good variety of maps
  • Great currency system
  • The race maps are amazing
  • Great costumes
  • Tons of charm and joy


  • Load times can be long between rounds
  • The Tail Grab games isn’t that good
  • Can potentially break friendships


9 /10