Godfall Combat Trailer Released

Earlier today, Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games released a new look at Godfall. A game that has been shown up plenty of times since its reveal at the Game Awards 2019.

To be honest, the game has been looking mediocre at best from the get-go. I’m not sure if that has to do with the game’s quality, or if it’s because they are unsure about how to market the game. The best way to describe my feelings around Godfall is that it seems to be a basic launch title that releases every generation. A little hyped because it’s a launch title, and it’s also quickly forgotten.

The ironic part about its mediocre showing is largely due to do the fact that they only show bland combat trailers. And today they released another look at the combat, and it looks kind of good. It’s at least the best showing the game’s had to this date.

I’m however still far away from being sold. The combat is obviously the focus of the game, but they still do “quick cuts” and edits around the combat which has me worried. The biggest takeaway I have from the new trailers is the environments that look solid. The game looks to have (kind of) varied environments filled with details and enemies.

The fact that this trailer got released today, however, tells me that they won’t be at the Playstation 5 Showcase on Wednesday. However, since its launch focused, I’d say it isn’t impossible for yet another show. Godfall has shown up at pretty much every gaming event from PS5: Future of Gaming Showcase to the Opening Night Live at Gamescom.

In the end, I’m not expecting much from the game, but I have to say that it’s refreshing seeing a good showcase of this game. I’ve been feeling pretty sad for the developers that have had to endure months of critique for how the game has been shown.

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