Happy 25th Anniversary, Parappa!

Two days ago, one of my all-time favorite characters had his 25th anniversary. As usual, I totally missed out on that and decided to celebrate two days later.

Back on the PlayStation 1, a couple of years after the initial launch, Masaya Matsuura and his team launched a new IP called “Parappa the Rapper“.
The concept was easy, you followed a teenage dog that needed to learn about the ways of life essentially – and he did so by doing what he’s best at… Rapping! It’s one of the earliest rhythm games I ever played, and still a favorite for me.

As you know, Parappa is my profile picture everywhere, he’s kinda become my brand so to speak. But the lil’ guy really means a bunch to me.
I absolutely adore the game(s), but I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling that a character is bigger than the game/movie/book, so to speak?

That’s how I feel with Parappa, I love his style, I love his flow, and I love the characters and music surrounding him. it essentially exceeds the games for me.

Tonight I’m replaying Parappa the Rapper Remastered. Sony has revealed a collaboration with the Japanese clothing brand “Wind and Sea” to celebrate the anniversary.

To end this small post, I want to remind y’all of the Parappa’s catchphrase –

I gotta believe!

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