Is Crash Bandicoot coming home?

As we know Sony hosts its showcase today, but we’re also celebrating the 25th anniversary of Crash Bandicoot. Weirdly enough; There are also multiple teases floating around regarding Crash.

September 9th is actually an extremely curious date to host a Playstation showcase on, why you ask? Well, it’s the date the PS1 launched in North America, and aside from that… It’s also two Playstation icons anniversaries as well. Crash Bandicoot celebrates his 25th anniversary today, and Spyro the Dragon celebrates his 23rd.

What’s fun about showcases, is the speculation, teases, and rumors. Funnily enough, there’s barely ANY speculation regarding Crash Bandicoot or even rumors of him showing up at the showcases. Teases, however? PLENTY.

A month ago the official Crash Bandicoot account tweeted the above, what I feel is interesting is that he’s “being sucked to an alternate dimension” – and the wormhole contains Playstation symbols all around him.

While it might be a fun tweet, it kinda doesn’t stop there.

What I find curious about the above tweet is the emphasis on PS5. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is on basically every platform existing, and even though they have the marketing rights on Playstation platforms – I feel like it’s pretty out of place to emphasize the PS5 part like this.

But it doesn’t stop there:


Huh… So obviously they’re teasing something that is happening VERY soon, most likely at the event.

So here’s my train of thought; Based on only these teases, the most logical thing would be that a new Crash Bandicoot game is in development and that it either will be revealed at Sony’s show – or even be a timed exclusive to Playstation platforms.

Buuuuut, I kinda think there’s more to it than that. Remember: Activision recently shut down development on all games not named Call of Duty, meaning Vicarious Visions is now at Blizzard, Beenox & Toys For Bob is now working as support studios for CoD. So whose making it? Or what are all of these teases pointing at?

Well, here’s where it gets spicy:

While you might not believe what David Jaffe is saying here, it actually got backed up by some pretty credible sources as well. A lot of people thought this was pointing to something like, say, Metal Gear Solid. I’ve been iffy about the entire thing, is it inFamous, is it something else?

Well, he also said the following on his youtube channel “but I know a handful of things and you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for the traditional, great first-party PlayStation”

We also have some teases from some other reliable people, like Andy at VGC:

Of course, David Jaffe’s game, as well as Andy’s teases might not be Crash related. But for me personally, a bomb announcement would be bringing Crash home again. He’s still maybe Playstations biggest icon, to this date, even without having been their property for many, many, years.

I’m also not the only one that seemingly believes this, as Nick from XboxERA also tweeted this:

So here’s the question:

What are the teases leading up to? I say there’s three options as of now:

  1. They’re simply hyping up a new game at the showcase tonight, which begs the question… Whose making it?
  2. Sony has bought the rights to the Crash Bandicoot IP, and is bringing him home
  3. This one is wishful thinking… All stars 2 is announced, and Crash is in the game, hence the “a party around the corner” tweet

The curious question is again… If it’s 1, whose making it?` My bet is actually on it being Sony themselves, even if they don’t own the IP, it feels like a case in which they might’ve struck a deal to develop a Crash Bandicoot game seeing as Activision isn’t doing it on their own. But I also feel like; Why wouldn’t they just buy the IP outright if that was the case?

That’s it. I’m fucking placing my bets down. CRASH IS COMING HOME PEOPLE.

(where is my boy Spyro at though)

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