Kirby Fighters 2 Leaked By Nintendo [OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED]

UPDATE: Nintendo officially announced the game, with a 4 minute long trailer. The game will feature a story mode, 17 different copy abilities and a wide variety of items. Check the trailer out!

Original article:

A sequel to the 3DS game, Kirby Fighters 2 just got leaked by Nintendo on their Game Finder, which is an official website for helping you find out games. It’s still up there as of the moment of writing this article,

If you didn’t know, the previous game is a fighting game in which you play different Kirby’s that have taken on a chosen copy ability used for battle. It was a pretty short, yet fun game that got somewhat of a cult following. I actually think that you could, in a strange way, compare it to the recent Monster Hunter Stories 2 announcement.

I’m still kind of waiting for a big Kirby, quality Kirby title to launch on the Nintendo Switch. So far, my favorite Kirby story was told in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, in which Kirby could be considered the main character of the game. Let’s hope Kirby brings some of his fighting skills into this game too.

Aside from that, it also seems like King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee are both playable. Hopefully we’ll see Buff King Dedede from Kirby Star Allies make an appearence, and similarly – I’m still rooting for Bandana Waddle Dee to star in Smash in the future.

It’s unclear when the sequel will be officially announced, but we do know that it’ll cost 19.99$ and I’m excited to see more from it.

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