MarsipanGames is growing; Future Plans, Youtube Channel.

The current landscape of games is more exciting than ever. The next-generation of Xbox and PlayStation are on their way, we have spicy rumors and the industry is as healthy as ever. And personally, I’m having a blast covering it.
I launched Marsipan Games around a month ago and have been hard at work at writing articles, staying in touch with everyone, and at the same time developing the website and brand.

And here we are. I’m proud to announce the Future of MarsipanGames in detail.

Youtube Channel

The official Marsipan Games Youtube channel is out in the wild with our first introduction video. The channel will at first be focused on giving you video reviews for every review I put out on the website, this will increase with the release of the next-generation consoles.

In the upcoming months I’ll also try to deliver three consistent video shows:

MarsipanGames REACT – Will be a new show that focuses on my live reactions to various gaming events and showcases. (With the first one most likely being The Game Awards 2020)

Thinking bout’ Impressions – Will be impressions to big events in the gaming world. This can serve as the post-show thoughts for showcases, or impressions to different games and news. These videos will mostly consist of me sitting down talking with you, the viewer/reader.

Marsipan’s Breaking News – Will be a new show consisting of me talking about the biggest news of the week, in a weekly video-based manner. I’m working on getting the look of the show down currently.

The channel will of course grow as time goes. As this is a non-profit project, I have to use a lot of my spare time to do this. I’ll release my first video talking about the channel in detail, and certain projects sometime next week. It’ll be a one on one, you and me. Feel free to send me questions if you have any!


The website will continue being worked on. I want to have a focused output as I feel the output has been all over the place. Below I’m going to detail some changes to the overall look, and what the future will look like in terms of articles.

Comments – A step I took to make sure I could have better interactions with you, the readers, was activating the comments. All you need is a valid email and a name, but don’t worry – the readers won’t be able to see your mail. After you’ve written a comment once, you’ll be recognized by the website.

Updated look – The look of the front page was a little altered around two weeks ago. The reason was that the last look had a few problems on phones and looked a little messy. I want the website to be coherent and easy to use for everyone.

Content Output – I want a focused output of a minimum of two articles between Monday-Friday, and a minimum of one article on Saturday-Sunday.

Better Focus – While I think my focus has been good; Delivering good content on the gaming side, I’ve taken the difficult stance to focus more on PlayStation and Nintendo. The reason isn’t that I dislike or don’t want to cover Xbox, PC, Stadia, etc. But since I don’t own and/or play on the platforms currently, I have a hard time giving their coverage justice.
Of course, I’m still going to write news, and talk about the news regarding those, and how they affect the industry. But as it stands, I don’t feel comfortable in doing content that isn’t “up to par”

MORE REVIEWS! – I’ve heard some of your wishes… More reviews! And trust me, I have some in-store. The upcoming three reviews will be Dreams (Next week!), Final Fantasy X, and Concrete Genie.
However, in November there’ll be a huge influx of reviews. This is because of the next-generation release. I’ll have detailed information and reviews on basically the entire Playstation 5 Launch Lineup, services, and the hardware itself.

Guest Writers – I’m introducing GUEST Writers! What this means is that starting today, you have the chance to write on my website. Feel like talking about certain topics, opinions, or do reviews – contact me and you’ll have a platform to talk on in the future.
We currently have our first guest lined up with a future article.

New Content

We already have a lot of new content detailed for youtube. But I’ll also introduce some new types of articles/videos on certain topics I’d like to talk about

MARSIPAN GOTY AWARDS – In mid-December I’ll hold the first ANUAL Marsipan Game Awards. I’ll present the (few) categories I have planned in the future, and what the nominees are.

PlayStation Crossover Roster – As you know I’m a huge fan of PlayStation and their game “Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale”. I have planned a huge piece on the potential roster for the game, and if you’d be interested – I will make it in video form as a podcast type video. (Perhaps with guests)
This might be integrated on the website in different ways in the future, like every time I make a review, I have to pick which character I’d think would fit the roster best.

Full Series – I will work on playing through entire gaming franchises from start to finish, with all (core) games in the franchise. I’ll do a review for each title and in the end, talk about the series in full and my opinion on it.
I’m happy to announce that the first two franchises we’ll do are Resident Evil and Final Fantasy. (Both of which I’ve kind of started a little bit on)

The Trophy Hunter’s Corner – Will consist of me talking about a passion of mine… Trophy hunting in games! I will review trophy lists, talk about my experiences – and we might get to see one or two videos/streams focused on getting the final trophies of a game.

Social Media

I realize that I’ve been bad at times to talk and interact over social media, especially my Instagram has been pretty lacking the last week or two. This is because I’ve been so focused on getting everything off the ground and finishing all of this planning among other things. Change is coming, here’s a few:

Instagram – I’ll continue with daily posts, but be better about putting out interactive content to you, the readers. I also want to interact more with YOUR content. Simply by doing so, I’ve gotten to know some amazing people so far, and I want to continue by doing that!

Twitter – Same as above, I realize I’ve been pretty bad at communicating with you. More often than not, I put out a tweet and don’t interact enough with you, the readers. I promise I will be better at that.

There’s a lot to look forward to at MarsipanGames, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I hope all of these changes and news will satisfy you. I do my best to create and share things that I think you’ll enjoy.
If you have any questions, feel free to mail me at, or contact me via social media.

Thank you for letting me take your time and I hope you’ll continue to be excited about the future of MarsipanGames as I am.

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