Mass Effect Trilogy Should Be Close To Launch

The long-awaited Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the most wanted remasters collections for a lot of people, but it’s also one of the worst kept secrets in the entire industry since everyone knows that the game is coming at some point.

It all began with a statement from a journalist, Jeff Grubb. He wrote the following on VentureBeat

Oh, and that HD remaster of an EA game is the Mass Effect Trilogy. Just don’t expect that to also launch on Switch — at least not at first.

Following this, EA began selling more official N7 and Mass Effect merch on various stores. Even places like Amazon began selling official artbooks and comic collections for the Mass Effect Trilogy coming out in late September and early 2021 respectively.

The rumblings continue, first with EB Games having a listing for the game which turned out to be fake, or misleading at best. But both Jeff Grubb and Shinobi602 have been teasing an October release or announcement for the game.

Outside of that multiple listings for the Mass Effect trilogy have been popping up all over the internet from different retailers around the world.

It certainly looks like an announcement is imminent. And the fact that it seems to be launching only on current-gen makes me think that we’ll see it before the launch of PS5 and Series X. Perhaps on N7 day?

EA has been releasing more remasters this year, like Burnout Paradise and Crysis. The question is how it stacks up to those, my guess is that it’s a pretty simple up-res with added ray-tracing and/or FPS. We should see the official announcement in the coming weeks, until then, stay tuned for more news and be excited.

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