Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase Announced for Tomorrow

Today Nintendo came out and did something unusual. They decided to announce something over 24 hours in advance. Something I feel is a very pleasant surprise as their latest directs and trailers have released out of nowhere.

The Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase will be live-streamed at 8 AM, Pacific Time tomorrow. Since the previous Partner Showcases have been OK at best, I’m not expecting a whole lot. At the second showcase, we got some looks at some great games, like a game I’m very excited about, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

While I believe there will be some fun games shown off, and perhaps some surprises I think it’s worth bringing up the fact that Monster Hunter is rumored to get a new title on the Nintendo Switch. I’m almost 100% sure that it’ll get announced at this showcase since it was rumored to be shown off in September.

I think a new Monster Hunter would really help in bringing hype for the Nintendo Switch, and for Capcom for that matter. I’m kind of expecting a January launch for Monster Hunter, but I’m just excited to see it.

Otherwise, I don’t really know what to expect. The fact of the matter is that I really crave for Smash Bros Ultimate news at this point, we won’t get it at this showcase but I’m hoping we hear some soon.

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