Playstation 5 Post Showcase Thoughts and Reactions

Last night we finally got our next look at the Playstation 5, with the final details regarding the launch. I wrote a full recap that you can read for information on what exactly was shown off.

First and foremost, I want to talk about the fact that I pretty much predicted the entire showcase. From no UI and Backwards Compatibility to the Price and almost exact date(s), to the entire launch lineup (- Destruction All-Stars), etc. I just wanted to give myself a shoutout. Also. Sure was a coincidence I wrote about the Harry Potter game a few days earlier?

Post show opinion

I’m very happy with what Sony showed. I think that a few things, like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Fortnite, were things I didn’t need to see – but things I understand why they were shown.
Aside from that, however, Sony had a great showing of a great variety of games. I would like to talk about a few of the announcements and games.

Final Fantasy XVI

This announcement made me jump and scream (I’m sad I didn’t record it, would’ve been famous by now) and it’s everything I wanted. High Fantasy, made by the XIV dev team, directed by Naoki Yoshida and looks amazing. Strong focus on story and the Devil May Cry combat designer is working on the game.

The biggest bomb is the PS5 console exclusivity. I’m at a point where I’m not angry about this kind of deals anymore, I feel like its a part of the industry at this point. Between acquisitions and investments, we’ll see way more deals like this for every platform.

God of War Ragnarök

A game I also said would be revealed at this showcase. I will say that I’m very excited about it, but it had the worst kind of reveal I know. A simple logo with music and some voice over. The biggest shock is that it’s aiming for 2021, but I think that the game will surely get delayed to 2022.

God of War is one of my favorite top three franchises of all time, and I’m absurdly excited about Ragnarök. Kratos wielding Mjolnir? YES.

The Launch Lineup

You might know I saved Final Fantasy VII Remake and Avengers for the Playstation 5 launch because I thought that the launch lineup would be bad. However, I’m surprised at how good it actually is looking.

Between Astro Bot, Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Sackboy, Destruction All-Stars and even Godfall, we have a great lineup of games on day one. And you know what? I’ve already pre-ordered every single one of them.

If I’m facing up my PS4 launch lineup which was Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, Knack, Resogun, and Contrast to my PS5 launch lineup, which is the games above, VII Remake, Avengers, and the 18 games from the PS+ Collection that was announced. (+ My entire PS4 library, technically)

It’s one of the best launches in video game history, in my opinion.

Overall opinion

The showcase was stellar. The big critique I could give it is that I wish that Destruction All-Stars and Sackboy: A Big Adventure at least could get shown off as launch titles (Which Demon’s Souls wasn’t either, for some weird reason)

I also think that Resident Evil Village and Deathloop’s trailers was very similar to their previous ones. But aside from that…

It was great and engaging from beginning to end. I think Sony is making a great case for the Playstation 5. Exclusives from Square Enix like Final Fantasy and Athia. Games further away like Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarök, and the promised Spider-Man 2.
They also show the promise of a great launch year, bundled together with the fact that they’ve got support from multiple third-party studios.

I think the Playstation 5 will be special. I’ve got the PS5 pre ordered, together with a bonus Dualsense with 5 launch titles. If not for how great everything sounds, I’ll at least be able to play my PS4 games without the fans sounding like a jet engine.

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