Playstation China Hero Project Showcase Announced

Sony just announced the next China Hero Project which will take place on September 30th. If you don’t know what this project is, it’s Sony supporting some Chinese developers and games for the PS4 (And beyond most likely) – essentially its an effort to get more Chinese support on their platform.

Sony announced that the showcase will show updates, announcements, and footage of different titles. While we don’t know which games will be shown, we can take a look at the already announced titles to get a potential idea of what we’ll see.

The announced titles are

  • Al: Limit (Made by Sense Games)
  • ANNO: Mutationem (Made by ThinkingStars)
  • Convallaria (Made by Loong Force)
  • Evotinction (Made by Spikewave Games)
  • F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch (Made by Ti Games)
  • In Nightmare (Made by Magicfisc Studio)
  • Lost Soul Aside (Made by Ultizero Games)
  • Pervader (Made by Bejing Light & Digital Technology)
  • RAN: Lost Islands (Made by Jolly Roger)

While there are multiple titles I can’t wait to see more from, like ANNO, there’s a title, in particular, I wish to see and hear more from. The game I’m talking about is Lost Soul Aside, a game announced in 2016 by a single developer Yang Bing. He later got an entire studio funded by Sony and went into full production.

The game is Yang Bing’s take on Final Fantasy XV and DMC combat. We’ve so far not seen a whole lot from the game, except for a trailer and a short gameplay segment. I’d appreciate getting an update on the development progress, and perhaps even a release date.

But in the end, I’m curious to just see more games from this project. One of the first Chinese based games, Genshin Impact, was released yesterday. And luckily, it seems like the game is a hit both critically, and most likely commercially.

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