[RUMOR] Sony acquire Bluepoint Games

Looking at the lineup of Sony-owned development teams, we see a wide variety of developers. From the big and talented Naughty Dog to the smaller and equally talented Pixelopus we have developers that bring forth a big scale of different games.

However, recent acquisitions made by competitor’s eyes have been on Sony to see if they’re going to do something similar. Sony’s official standpoint is that they’re looking at growing organically. An example of that is the growth of Guerilla Games since the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn, or even the unannounced SIE developer rumored to be working on the next entry in the Uncharted franchise.

They’ve also said they’re looking at potential acquisitions. And looking at perfect candidates, there aren’t a lot of development team better suited than Bluepoint Games.

After having multiple partnerships with Sony through the years, ranging from God of War collection, Uncharted Remasters, Shadow of the Colossus Remake, and even the PS5 launch title Demon’s Souls, their work on remasters and remakes are nothing short of astounding. Their partnership has lasted multiple years and the relationship they’ve built with Sony is strong.

According to one of my sources familiar with Bluepoint games, the word seems to be that Sony and Bluepoint have recently gone into an agreement of an acquisition or is at least close to finalizing it. The deal should be announced sometime before February 28th.

The most important part for Bluepoint Games regarding the deal was securing the possibility for an original IP, something that the studio has dreamt of being able to do since its foundation. And while Bluepoint similarly to Insomniac values their independence, they also realize that it’s a rapidly changing industry.

On Sony’s end, they are happy with previous partnerships with Bluepoint. They have a great working foundation and the games they released have been met with both critical and commercial success so far.
Aside from that Bluepoint also has a great relationship with multiple SIE studios, for example, Sony Japan Studios that they worked together with during both Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls.
Their tech and remake expertise can also be shared with other SIE Developers.

The deal should be announced in the upcoming two months, before February 28th. If it hasn’t happened before that, I’d say that it’s totally fine to discredit this post as bad or false information. I don’t want to lie with you, the readers, and I want to be crystal clear regarding that.

If I get more details regarding this I’ll share them. But this is pretty much all I’ve been told regarding the deal. For now we’ll have to wait until Sony or Bluepoint replies to the rumor.

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