Steve from Minecraft is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

In the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate showcase, we finally got a look at their next character. And I could never have predicted that Steve would make his way into Super Smash Bros.

Steve is the second character for the second fighters pass, coming after Min Min from ARMS and is the 77th official fighter in the game. He has a varied moveset, in which he seems to be able to craft, use Redstone, and even place blocks. According to Sakurai, every stage in the entire game had to be rebuilt for Steve to be able to place blocks, which shows his dedication to characters.

It’s also worth noting that Steve comes with some alternative skins, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman, and features attack from other mobs like the Creeper.
We also got our first look at the Minecraft stage that seems to have different biomes and weather.

We’ll get our first in-depth look at Steve & Alex on October 3rd, in the latest “Sakurai Presents”, we can also assume that he’ll release shortly after.

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