Tencent continues taking over the industry; invests in 10 Chambers

The video game publisher, Tencent, has once again taken a major stake in a company. This time around it’s 10 Chambers, the Swedish-based developer that has created the Early Access shooter GTFO.

While this might not be the biggest acquisition or major stake that Tencent has done so far, it’s still worth talking about since they’re growing at an alarming rate. I talked about my worries about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda, and what that might do to the industry. In the article, I said I’m worried about what companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and especially Tencent will do in response.

The thing is, Tencent is one of the companies in the entire industry that makes the most money – and for good reason. They own a lot of big hitters or have a majority stake in a lot of companies. The full list of what they own is the following

  • Owner of Riot Games, developers of League of Legends, and Valorant.
  • Owner of publisher Funcom, that has games like Conan Exiles
  • Owner of Sharkmob, a studio made by ex-Ubisoft employees.
  • 80% Ownership of Grinding Gear Games, developer of Path of Exile
  • 84% Ownership of Supercell, developer of Clash of Clans
  • 40% Ownership of Epic Games, developer of Unreal Engine and Fortnite
  • 20% Ownership of Marvelous, which also owns G-Mode.
  • 18.6% Ownership of mobile-game developer iDreamSky
  • 17.66% Ownership of Netmarble
  • 13.54% Ownership of Kakao
  • 9% Ownership of Frontier Developments which develops Elite: Dangerous
  • 5% Ownership of Activision Blizzard
  • 5% Ownership of Century Huatong
  • 5% Ownership of Paradox Interactive
  • 5% Ownership of Ubisoft
  • 1.5% Ownership of Bluehole, the publisher of PUBG
  • Majority Ownership of Miniclip
  • Investment and partnership with developer Platinum Games
  • Minority Share in Yager Development
  • Minority Ownership of the developer Voodoo.
  • Partnership with Nintendo, and publisher of Nintendo Switch in China.

Aside from this massive list, they also recently acquired the publisher Leyou Interactive in a groundbreaking deal that gives them ownership of multiple development studios, like Digital Extremes and their IP Warframe – as well as a majority stake in the “new Telltale”.

Aside from that they also dabble in TV, Cinema, Comics and even have the majority stake of the famous website Reddit.

While I’m happy for the team at 10 Chambers, and I’m happy for the developers that Tencent seems to be involved with since they seem to be very hands-off, I do feel concerned about them. The fact of the matter is that they already have their hands in a lot of developers, and publishers.

Similar to Microsoft, it’s clear that Tencent is pushing for being the market leader in gaming which leads to me once again being worried about the future of publishers acquiring other publishers.

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