TGS Begins Today; Full Schedule, Details

Tokyo Game Show 2020 finally kicks off today, with showcases and panels from multiple publishers and developers. We’ll see some updates of anticipated games, and I’ll try to break down the schedule in parts together with some predictions.

The full schedule may look like it contains a lot of stuff. But I’ll go over pretty much everything in this article, and what to expect. If there’s a certain panel you’re interested in, feel free to scroll down to it – or CTRL + F search for the panel to find the details. This will be detailed of Gaming panels, which means I won’t talk about certain panels focused on stuff like youtube, etc.

TGS will be kicked off by an opening show, which will detail the highlights of the show. I’m sure we’ll get a nice montage on this opening show!

Xbox Tokyo Game Showcase

Interestingly enough, Xbox will hold the first showcase. It’s confirmed that it won’t have next-generation news, however, we’ll see some messages from Japanese developers, information on recently announced games and we’re confirmed to get a look from Minecraft and Flight Simulator.

The official Xbox account also announced that there won’t be any acquisition news on this show, after intense speculation about a potential SEGA / Xbox deal.

Square Enix: NieR Showcase

We’re confirmed to get new looks at the NieR franchise, from the remake of the first game, NieR Re[in]carnation, to the phone game NieR Replicant and perhaps most interesting… Updates on NieR Automata. I’m sure this will be a confirmation about a next-generation upgrade. But I’m interested in seeing if Square Enix has planned a sequel to the mega-hit.

The title for this showcase, however, is “We have a decent amount of new info”, which perhaps should be taken as a hint that we won’t see a big new announcement.

Lightning Games Showcase

Ending the day, we’ll get to see three new games from the developer, Lightning Games. Seemingly they’ll show off Hardcore Mecha, HAAK, and Anno Mutationem.

It’ll be exciting to see what they have in store, and I can’t wait to see more from Anno Mutationem since I loved what I saw at the August State of Play showcase.

There are some interesting panels, focusing on the industry at large, news from Huawei, and Softbank among others. As I said, I’ll be focused on the gaming panels, if you’re interested in when certain panels begin – the schedule at the top will help you out!

Gamera Game Now! Showcase

First out of the bunch will be the Gamera Game showcase, there’s a good chance that you don’t know who Gamera Game is in the west. But they’re a great publisher from China, that will show off certain upcoming games.

I recommend that you take a look at their released games, since they have a wide variety of games released already!

Lilith Games Showcase

The next gaming showcase will be from Lilith Games, who will show their games AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms. Both are phone games, but especially AFK Arena is very popular in the whole world more or less.

DMM Games Showcase

We’ll get information and details on their previous game, and some new titles coming from DMM Games. Perhaps most famous for the game, Utawarerumono and Touken Ranbu – fans of the development team will surely be looking forward to this one.

SEGA / Atlus TV Showcase

One of the biggest showcases might be the SEGA / Atlus one, it’ll feature updates on existing and upcoming titles. I suspect we might get to hear something about Persona 5 Royal and their spin-off titles like Scramble. I also believe we might get another look at the anticipated game, Shin Megami Tensei.

Gungho Online Entertainment Showcase

One I’m actually pretty excited about is the Gungho Entertainment showcase, since it might feature updates on their great game Ninjala for the Nintendo Switch. It’s also worth bringing up the fact that they’ve also worked on Ragnarok Online and Let It Die. We might get to see a surprise or two at this one!

Capcom Showcase

The showcase I’ve seen the most anticipation for on different forums is this one. We’re confirmed to get a big update on Resident Evil Village, which will be up to 2 hours worth of information according to Capcom. We might also see some other games and surprises from Capcom at this showcase.

Could we perhaps get another look at the recently announced Monster Hunter Rise or Stories 2? I hope so!

Efun Showcase

The developer Efun will showcase existing titles Illusion Connect and Stella Chronicle, but we’re also expected to get a look at another title from them launching next year. I’m sure this one will be exciting for fans of the studio.

D3 Publisher Showcase:

This showcase will serve as an introduction to the recently announced Earth Defence Force: World Brothers, a spin-off game in the EDF franchise focused on Voxel graphics. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this one since EDF games usually are pretty good.

Spike Chunsoft, Cyberpunk 2077 Showcase:

We’ll get an update from the development of Cyberpunk 2077. It actually is the next official Night City Wire showcase from CD Projekt Red, shown off by publisher Spike Chunsoft. I’m interested if they do anything special for the Japanese audience.

Level-5 Special Meeting

A development team I’ve always been fond of is Level-5. Having developed games like Ni No Kuni and Dark Cloud, they have a special place in my heart. We’re set to get some new information regarding the studio, and hopefully some future projects.

GREE Animation Game Showcase

We’ll get some updates on what GREE Animation is up to. We don’t know what will be shown off, but their thumbnail for the Livestream has Naruto front and center. I don’t know if that means anything in particular, but we should perhaps have our eyes peeled on this one.

Cygames Showcase

Talented developer and publisher, Cygames will show off their upcoming title, Shadowverse Champions Battle.
While exciting, the question lingers in my head… When will get to see the PlayStation exclusive Project Awakening the next time?

Konami Eden’s Zero Showcase

For fans of the manga Eden’s Zero, you’ll be thrilled to hear that a game is coming. The panel will feature series creator Hiro Mashima, which earlier did the popular manga Fairy Tail.
What’s the most interesting part to me, is that we recently got a big Fairy Tail game, which makes me suspect that this game will simply be a smaller phone title.

It’s also worth bringing up the fact that neither Fairy Tail or Eden’s Zero is worth your time, in my opinion. Pretty bad as far as manga and anime go. Sorry!

Koei Tecmo Showcase

We’ll get to see updates from two titles, Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & Secret Fairy and the very anticipated game, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch. This one will surely garner a lot of attention from simply having news for Hyrule Warriors, I hope we’ll see more characters and gameplay since the first trailer had a strong focus on the story.

Tencent Games

We don’t know what Tencent is set to show, but it’s worth bringing up the fact that they have a lot of hands, in a lot of pies. From having a partnership with developers like Nintendo and Platinum Games to owning parts of multiple companies like Epic Games.
They also own Riot, which makes League of Legends, and recently acquired Leyou Interactive which makes games like Warframe.

This means this showcase can be the biggest one, or the smallest one, depending on what Tencent decides to show. Exciting! But I’d recommend keeping your expectations on the low end for this one.

Once again a day filled with a lot of panels. We have some showcases too and updates on certain titles I’m personally looking forward to.

Linekong Showcase

First out for the day is Linekong, which will showcase the Ys franchise. We’ll also get new information regarding their new update for the latest game in the Ys franchise, which is currently out on phones.

Koei Tecmo Dynasty Warriors Showcase

If you didn’t know, Dynasty Warriors celebrates its 20th anniversary. Koei Tecmo will celebrate it during this Livestream by talking about the franchise history, announcing their plans for the 20th anniversary, and the announcement of two new titles in the Dynasty Warriors franchise.

Bandai Namco Showcase

We’ll get another look at two upcoming titles from Bandai Namco, Sword Art Online, and one I’m very excited about, Scarlet Nexus. The game was initially revealed at the Xbox third party showcase earlier this year and looked great.

miHoYo Gensin Impact Launch Stream

A special stream dedicated to the launch of the anticipated game, Genshin Impact will take place on September 27. We’re sure to get a lot of gameplay, celebrations, and good vibes throughout this stream.

There’s for sure a lot to be excited about. I will do my best to cover all the news coming out the coming days, and I recommend that you also follow my social medias for some hot takes coming as soon as I see somethig.

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