Ubisoft Forward Post Showcase Recap and Thoughts

Today we got to see a new Ubisoft Forward showcase, which had some more excitement going into it since we knew we were getting a look at Immortal’s Fenyx Rising and the rumored Prince of Persia. As you might’ve known, Immortal’s reached the Marsipan Games top 10 most desired games, which means that expectations going in were high.

However, around an hour before the showcase began, Yves Guillemot and Ubisoft shared a video. Once again, they aren’t going to avoid talking about everything going on at the company at this showcase. Frankly, it kinda soured the presentation as a whole.

Now, for the recap. (Won’t include the pre-show)

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising

We started off by seeing a CG trailer for Immortal’s Fenyx Rising. The trailer gave us a pretty good idea of what you will do in Greek Mythology and their tone. Shortly afterward we got a glimpse of the gameplay. There’ll be combat, puzzles, secrets, and a huge open world. The big focus of the game seems to be exploration.
You play as Fenyx, a hero that got the mission to save the world from Typhon, the deadliest titan in the mythology. You get your quest by Hermes. The story will be told by Prometheus and Zeus, whom will bring commentary to “this legendary tale” The world is split up into different regions, with each region having a separate god that needs your help.

The game will launch on December 3rd, 2020 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time – Remake

Next, we got our first look at the (long-rumored) Prince of Persia Remake. The game looks good, but. Kind of medium-budget, to be honest. Yuri Lowenthal is back as the voice for the Prince. The game looks like a one to one remake, which means it’ll mirror the original game.

Also, surprise! The game also comes with the original 1989 game too!

The game is set to launch on January 21st, 2021.

Hyper Scape

We will get a new limited-time mode on Hyper Scape, in which you’ll have max level loot only, faster health regen, faster crown victory, and it’s called… Turbo mode. It looks cool for fans of the series!

World Cup 2021

Ubisoft also announced that they’ll push E-Sport even further, with a new project, World Cup. There’ll be a Rainbow Six Siege World Cup tournament. This will for sure be exciting, and something to keep an eye out. Great on Ubisoft for the E-Sports push!

Rainbow Six Siege

Sam Fisher is announced as a new operator for Rainbow Six Siege, reminding us about the fact that Sam Fisher will appear in every single Ubisoft title except for his own.
However, it got a cool trailer I recommend checking out. Otherwise, the new season is out… NOW!

The game is also announced for PS5 and Series X, with 4K and 120 FPS. And for people who already owns it, you’ll be happy to hear that the game will have a free upgrade.

Scott Pilgrim is BACK!

Beloved game Scott Pilgrim will return, with “Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Complete Edition” (That’s a mouthful), the game will release Holiday 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Stadia.

Watch_Dogs: Legion

Famous Brittain rapper Stormzy is announced to be a playable character in the game. Other than that, we got a new look at some of the other playable characters in Watch_Dogs: Legion, and honestly. You could’ve told me that this trailer had been shown 6 times earlier, and I would believe you.

Last surprise, returning to the franchise. Aiden Pierce, the protagonist from Watch_Dogs will be a playable DLC character.

Riders Republic

Surprise! A new IP from the Steep studio was announced, a massively multiplayer game. The game is focused on extreme sports, and you’ll play together and against other players.
There will be gameplay in different terrains, with everything from sand, to snow, to air. The game has that colorful, Ubisoft vibe. (Think… New Dawn x Watch Dogs, weird masks, lots of colors)

The game is launching on February 25, 2021.

Post Show Thoughts.

I actually think the showcase was really well-made, I feel pretty surprised at how well-paced and good it was when stacking it up against their July showcase.
The biggest “yes” for me was without a doubt Immortal’s Fenyx Rising, which I’ve been very excited for since before this reveal. I think the game looks great, and I’m very impressed with its showing.

Aside from that the obvious standout for me must’ve been Prince of Persia which didn’t look up to par with recent remakes in the industry. It’s worth pointing out that it’s the first remake from Ubisoft, but I still believed it would look a lot better. A personal favorite for me was Imran Khan’s post on Twitter, which pretty much explains my feelings on the remake.

The biggest disappointment in the show was the fact that Ubisoft once again avoided talking about the recent controversies regarding the company. Going into the showcase, I had high hopes for Ubisoft – sadly. They didn’t face them which kind of dragged down the rest of the showcase.

My final takeaway has to be the fact that Ubisoft obviously knows how much we want to see Sam Fisher back. He’s joining every single Ubisoft title but doesn’t get his own. I can’t imagine we won’t see him in his own game in the future.

Overall I have to give Ubisoft credit where credit is due. The showcase was well made, and outside of the controversy, it feels like they listened to our complaints regarding their last showcase. Great pacing, good variety of games, and a good showing from said games. I feel satisfied walking away from this showcase.

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