Ubisoft Forward September Predictions

Tomorrow we’ll get to see the next showcase from Ubisoft, in the middle of a week filled with next-generation news from Microsoft. We are going to get a look at some upcoming games from Ubisoft. But what exactly will be shown off?

The controversy

Ubisoft has been under a lot of fire recently. First because of their treatment of women employees. The information that surfaced of abuse and sexual misconduct throughout the company led to Ubisoft firing multiple higher-ups at the company. This was something Ubisoft didn’t face at all during their last showcase.
Now, roughly a month later when the problem has cooled down, they ran into another controversy regarding their latest game Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad on phones and mobile devices in which they showed imagery that appeared to link Black Lives Matter to a terrorist group.

These two bundled together is not a good look for Ubisoft, and since they didn’t talk about it during their last Ubisoft Forward, I sure hope they will this time. However, I don’t think they will. Especially not the Elite Squad controversy, since it includes CEO Yves Guillemot’s son.

Watch_Dogs: Legion

We’re already confirmed to see this one, but I’m hoping we’ll see a shorter look. I’m going, to be honest, and say that I’m not that interested in this one and don’t think there is much Ubisoft can do. They’ve shown multiple characters, full gameplay showcases, and even a short film. None of which have done it for me. I guess my biggest hope at this point is that it won’t take up too much time (Which I don’t think it will since it took a big chunk of the last showcase)


This one is also confirmed to show up. Since I don’t play a lot of Hyperscape myself I don’t have a lot of expectations for it either. But I do hope for a Switch port and a confirmation of crossplay for the title.

Rainbow Six Siege

This is the third confirmed title to be shown at Ubisoft Forward. Once again, don’t play Siege and don’t know what to expect. This is why my only hope is that it’ll please the people playing the game. Maybe a new operator or something!

Immortal’s Fenyx Rising

This is the final game that is confirmed to be shown at Ubisoft Forward. If you didn’t know, Immortal’s is the previously announced Gods & Monsters, renamed. And as you also might’ve seen, it’s one of my top ten most anticipated games. From the showing we got from the game, it looks great. It’s developed by the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey team, it’s an open-world game set in Greek Mythology. It draws inspiration from Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Since the game got a few leaked pictures and a release date of December 10th, I assume we’ll see that too. My biggest hope is that we’ll get a long showcase of the title.

Prince of Persia Remake

At this point, Prince of Persia Remake is one of the biggest rumors we have. With industry insider(s) Jason Schreier and ZhugeEX both reporting that it’s true, I think the game is locked in to be shown. The biggest question is which Prince of Persia will get the remake treatment, I guess that it’ll be ”The Sands of Time”.

We won’t see Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, Steep, Splinter Cell or other franchises from Ubisoft

To the surprise of no one, I don’t think we’ll see any big surprises. The Prince of Persia remake is set to be the major surprise of the showcase, and I don’t think there’ll be any other ones.

The reason I don’t believe we’ll see Assassin’s Creed is simple, they want the focus to be on Prince of Persia. The two titles aren’t similar, but it’s worth pointing out that Assassin’s Creed is an evolution of Prince of Persia in the first place.

Regarding Far Cry I simply believe Ubisoft will do more of these presentations and that the next one will be closer to launch.

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