What a Trophy Hunter thinks of the new Trophy Changes on PlayStation.

Two days ago, Sony announced some new trophy features. Beginning with a new Level system, that released yesterday – and followed by the news that PS5 will support trophy tracking for individual trophies.

At first glance, people that aren’t interested or invested in trophies might not even take a glance at this news or think that they’re unnecessary. But for me, a dediated trophy hunter with over 160 Platinum trophies – it’s great news.

That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts on the new trophy system since I’ve been hunting for 8 years or so.

Regarding the new level-up system, while it doesn’t do a whole lot I do think that it motivates you a little bit more to hunt levels since they have introduced new level-tiers. It’ll also make you level-up more often than you’ve previously been able to do (Which is obvious, since it’s now 999 levels instead of 100)

This is great, as I at level 36 needed to platinum multiple games for a single level which made me not care a whole lot about the level system. The only drawback I see is for people at 999 (Which are few) – the people that hit 100 were stuck at that level for years, and Sony eventually released a fix for those people to grow “beyond” 100. We’ll see if we see something similar to that with this new system.

The most welcome change however comes in the form of tracking individual trophies on the Playstation 5. A much welcome feature that the entire trophy hunting community has been wishing for.
It’ll most likely work similarly to how the Achievement tracking system on Xbox works, in other words – if the description is “Kill 10 people” you’ll see “7/10 People killed”

This is something I could’ve used earlier this year when going for the platinum on Final Fantasy IX in which you have to kill 10 000 enemies on a single save file – something that took me around 1.5 weeks of grinding a few hours a day. It took me such a long time that I started to believe the trophy was either glitched, or I had done something to void it.

However, the thing that might be the biggest problem in trophy hunting still remains, the easy platinum – like the Ratalaika games or something like My Name Is Mayo. What that means is that they’re games that are designed to give you platinum in around 30 minutes, along with a lot of gold trophies more often than not.

For example, my quickest platinum trophy is Jack n Jill, which I achieved in a total of 9 minutes of playtime. And I kind of feel ashamed by the fact that I even have it. Something that would be great to see is a curation of these titles in some way – however, I do believe that at the end of the day it’s up to each and every person what they decide to pay for and spend their time on.

At the end of the day, I’m just happy that we’re seeing Sony continuing to care about the trophy system as it’s one of the features that bring me the most joy in gaming. I can’t wait for the tracking system to be put in place, but for now, I’ll try to reach level 500 before New Years’!

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