Xbox Series S/X Pre-Order Details Sound Great

After the disaster that was the (US) Pre-Orders for PS5, where Sony had a date for pre-orders and retailers decided to begin a day before the ensuing chaos. Microsoft comes with a reassuring response regarding their pre-order situation, with firm dates and times for different places and with (rumored) rules regarding pre-orders to distributors.

This comes after a long period of great press for Microsoft, even though they stumble here and there the general consensus seems to be that they’re the consumer-friendly company currently. One thing I’ve got to give them credit for is their transparency on social media, where they answer questions and even engage with people who switch from Xbox to Playstation in the coming generation. It creates a good, and mature look for the multi-billion company.

The pre-orders for both consoles will be available on September 22 and will go live at varying times depending on where you live.

I noticed that a lot of podcasts, and video games journalists talked about the fact that Sony HAD to put up the pre-orders for PS5 before Xbox to get the upper hand. While it might be somewhat true, I feel like Microsoft once again have a good chance of stealing the thunder a little bit because of structured and well-managed pre-orders. (Which it might not be in the end, but it feels solid currently)

The man called “Jesus of the Video Gaming Industry”, Geoff Keighly also mentioned on his Twitter that Microsoft will be penalizing retailers if they break the pre-order date. If this is the case, this would be in direct response to the Sony PS5 craze that took place which is a great move by Microsoft. Even if this wasn’t Sony’s fault per se, it still amounts to bad PR for the company.

Once again, I’m impressed with Microsoft and the team over at Xbox for their transparency and how they communicate with their fans. Between Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation I have to give them credit for how well they are handling this launch period during the pandemic and world seemingly breaking down.
Until the launch of both consoles, I hope the pre-orders for Series S/X go smoothly for everyone!

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